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PC ACL S5 - Round 3 - Race 1 - Not giving enough space on the straight line

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Formula 4 1st Driver
Dec 6, 2017
Platform + League: AOR ACL RSS Formula 4 Season 5, Round 3 at Salzburgring, Race 1, Lap 2 (?)
League Coordinator: @Noztra @hinesy32 @Niclas Domino
Date: 23/04/2018
Members Involved: @Astrit Arsllani


Lap 2, on the second big straight line, i'm going to the right of @Astrit Arsllani to overtake him, but he didn't left me a lot of space . We made contact and i crashed getting damage and losing some positions a little bit after this incident.

As you can see, i had still some space to go on the right before the grass when we were battling, but i thought it was enough and if i was going more on the right it would be very difficult to avoid the grass and not beign able to keep the car under control. So i trust his move but unfortunalty he came too close. Considering the space he had on the other side, i think it was a bad judgment of the limits from him.

Unfortunalty, the steering wheel movement is messed up as you can see (the car steer straight when the steering wheel is a little bit on the left) but we can clearly see that he keep steering to the right when i was on the limit, and i keep steering on the right aswell to avoid contact.

Finally, when can see he had plenty of time to correct his path by watching the helicorsa tool. Also i think what happend was his fault and he didn't wait me after this contact.

Evidence :


Astrit Arsllani

GP2 Reserve Driver
May 6, 2016
No its ok his right... I was following the guy ahead trying to sty on his sleapstream and i wasnt paying attention to much on Pwox. So like i sad in the race sorry
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