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XB1 AL1- Just sat blocking the track

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Formula 4 2nd Driver
Apr 2, 2019
Platform + League: XBX1 AL1
League Coordinator: @KLID22
Date: 05/04/2020
Members Involved: @kogoda @SomaticCoast375
On the final lap there was some sort of incident which was about 4 seconds ahead of the group i was in between these two, which ultimately lead them to slow down on the track blocking it all. By blocking the track i had to slam on the brakes when i should be flat, and it also affected the two Racing Point cars behind. The racing point that overshot the chicane gave all positions back and there was no problem. The cars should have had more awareness of their surroundings and should have done it off of the racing line. Their actions could have ended any of our races by causing a collision.


S18 AOR XB1 Assist League 2 Champion
Jan 17, 2018
Oh yeah I also have made a steward enquiry about this. Somatic missed his breaking zone and I had to go off track so I got an illegal overtake. I was trying to let him passed but he wouldn't go past me and that is why we were so slow


Formula 4 Reserve Driver
May 29, 2017
Like I said in the other enquiry I got overtaken by kogoda on the straight then I tried to dive down his inside but I out braked myself and made contact with him which made him run of the track then I see him slowing down but I didn’t know it was because he had a illegal overtake and thought he was slowing down because he felt is was his fault but I knew it my fault so I slowed down to not overtake him hoping he carry on driving.

Head Steward

Head Steward
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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have looked through the evidence and comments put forward and have come to the following conclusion.

From looking at the footage it is clear to see that @SomaticCoast375 and @kogoda were caught up in an incident and this slightly hindered @FolksyCash04. But we don't believe this is worthy of a penalty.

Therefore we have decided that No Further Action will be taken.

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