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Moved AL2 Felt forced off track

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Jul 7, 2017
Platform + League: PC Assist League 2
League Coordinator: @Delta2611 @DeAd3ye
Date: 29/3-2020
Members Involved: @Manndrop @KLMKLMKLMKLM
Going into turn 1 I felt like I was forced off track by KLM and had to go off track to avoid a colision and possible race ending incident. Just posting this to be save. Havent seen KLM's POV yet


Link to evidence
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Nov 7, 2019
My evidence is here -
I got a great launch so I was picking up speed faster, squeezed in between the two and by the time we got to the corner, I was ahead and carried more speed into it so I feel like I had the right to that line.

In regards to the tyre bump, from Manndrop's perspective it looks like I've flown in and barged him off whereas it doesn't on my end. I'm on a controller and not a wheel so when I was adjusting to straighten up going into the corner and avoiding the Haas, I guess I couldn't have been as precise and I'd like therefore bumping into Manndrop. Apologies. At least we know 3 wide doesn't work at turn 1 lol.


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Sep 4, 2018
moved this to the stewards

Head Steward

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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have analysed the evidence and have decided to award @KLMKLMKLMKLM 5 penalty points for dangerous driving - your driving in turn 1 wasa bit clumsy, please try to leave more space in future. However, we do not believe the collision should solely be blamed on @KLMKLMKLMKLM, as he was ahead and in that corner it was tough to leave much more space.


(@Manndrop @KLMKLMKLMKLM @Delta2611 @DeAd3ye)
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