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PC AL2 - incorrect and dangerous driver

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Formula 4 1st Driver
Dec 16, 2017
Platform + League: PC + AL2
League Coordinator: @Delta2611
Date: 10/11/2019
Members Involved: @pixelniels

the player behaved badly throughout the race. He ignored the basic rules of f1. He pushes (or tries to push) the pilots out of the track several times, he makes divebomb, he changes trajectory during the braking, he even tries to overtake coming out of the track or with virtual sc.

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Formula 4 2nd Driver
Mar 29, 2018
hehe man okay

lets go to the first incident between me and that other dude i was first battling with a williams than the alfa dived me out of nowhere and makes us clash of course karnak doesnt show that
than i got the feeling he turned in on me on the next braking zone so because he had two incidents i didnt give him space because his ridiculous driving i know its wrong to judge that fast and i am sorry for that because from further back it seemed okay but got wing damage from it than he just went straight and tried to take me out on the next corner than i squeezed him further and forced the position because that was just ridiculous from him.

second incident.
i think was just an unfortunate event between him and me because i squeezed to the outside and he turned in a bit to much making us touch

Third incident.
i dont see much wrong i brake later than him he didnt expect me there was a clean overtake

fourth incident.
it was close to the braking zone i know maybe a bit to late so i am sorry for that but was frustrated from the first incident
next part of that was just me being side by side and out braking him see nothing wrong i did there

fifth incident.
i am just really impatient under safety car so for the fun of me i just overtake cars safe for a short period of time and give the position back immediately after

sixth and last incident
first off he did the same to me in when i wasnt going slow and turn in way to much making him almost lose it. and just forced the overtake and other time just pushed me off the track
for the real sixth incident
he braked really early i took the opportunity to put it up the inside put the throttle in because i also braked early but he just turned more in as you can see on his onboard giving me no space and making me out of control and correcting into him forcing him off track

and for a last video a recap of what karnak did

as you can see most things he says about me he does himself
Moving under braking, pushes people off track , divebombs with out even making the corner atleast i know that i can make the corner when i dive someone
he even does one more he rejoins the track right infront of me after he went wide meaning i have to lift other wise i broke my wing or went into the wall


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Sep 4, 2018
some footage from when I was behind you two


Formula 4 1st Driver
Dec 16, 2017
@Delta2611 I'm sorry for wasting your time. Luckily there are your videos, where the behavior of pixelniels is quite clear. Unfortunately after several laps in which he tried to get me off with crazy moves, I had to use strong manners and pass him, but without being incorrect.

@pixelniels there is nothing in your videos. the only thing is the contact on lap 10. where in reality I am a victim. someone else takes you, you turn in the middle of the curve and then I get there and break the wing too.
for the rest you have behaved badly, from delta's video you can clearly see how you change trajectory when braking and try to throw yourself where there is no space. I have nothing else to say you.

Head Steward

Head Steward
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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have analysed all of the evidence provided. There are a lot of unacceptable pieces of driving here, which we will run through individually.

Lap 9, turn 6: 5 penalty points to @pixelniels for a late move on the straight. 10 penalty points to @kyri010 for an exceedingly aggressive overtaking maneuvre.

Lap 9, turn 11: 5 penalty points to @kyri010 for hitting Pixel wide on corner entry. 10 penalty points to @pixelniels for an unnecessary squeeze on exit.

Lap 10, turn 6: 10-second time penalty and 10 penalty points to @karnak07 for causing a moderate avoidable collision.

Lap 11, straight: Warning to @pixelniels for an aggressive squeeze.

Lap 13, turn 12: 5 penalty points to @karnak07 for a dangerous overtaking maneuvre that could've caused wing damage.

Lap 15, turn 6: 10 penalty points to @pixelniels for extreme movement under braking.

Lap 15, turn 9: 5 penalty points to @karnak07 for dangerous driving, saved by the ghosting system.

Lap 15, turn 12: 5-second time penalty and 5 penalty points to @karnak07 for causing a minor avoidable collision.

Lap 18, turn 6: 5 penalty points to @karnak07 for not leaving room on corner exit.

Lap 24, straight: Reprimand to @pixelniels for overtaking cars under safety car conditions "for the fun of me". Whether this is a joke or not, we do not accept this attitude.

Lap 24, turn 12: 5-second time penalty and 10 penalty points to @pixelniels for causing a minor avoidable collision and making no effort to avoid the contact.

This totals 15 penalty points for @kyri010, 35 penalty points and 5 seconds and a reprimand for @pixelniels and 30 penalty points and 15 seconds for @karnak07. Karnak and Pixel will as a result both have to serve a Qualifying Ban at the next Grand Prix they attend.

The amount of incidents Pixel and Karnak were involved in with each other, shows clear poor conduct. If you are unhappy with one another, retaliation on track is not the way forward. AOR does not accept this driving mindset. We can put your positions in the league under review if we see further instances of this behaviour.


(@pixelniels @karnak07 @Delta2611 @kyri010)
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