Moved - AL2 Lap car blocking/Ignoring blue flags + team orders between different teams |

Moved AL2 Lap car blocking/Ignoring blue flags + team orders between different teams

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May 6, 2019
Platform + League: PC AL2

League Coordinator: @Delta2611 & @DeAd3ye
Date: 29.03.2020
Members Involved: @R3iAr @JDLions_Roar @Martstern @Balu | Kubu eSports
Description: As Martstern was about to get lapped on Lap 7, he started doing strange things, which till this point I still cannot understand.
P.S. What u will see there in the next moments, one thing to say, this is not a disconnected car, he was still in the race by Lap 7

1.1. So lets start, firstly, the moment through the esses(Clip 1), as JDLions(my teammate) and Martstern were approaching the esses, JDLions got distracted because of the initial block from Martstern(even though car being ghosted), and as a result JDLions almost lost the backhand after the esses. On Clip 2, u can see , approaching the Spoon section of the circuit, JDLions gets blocked again by Martstern, as a result he got distracted and was forced off the circuit, and also resulted a time penalty for him(the time penalty is confirmed though, as I and JDLions were in the discord for the whole race).
1.2. As thankfully JDLions got passed Martstern, the turn has come to me. As approaching final chicane, i got a good exit, and got passed Martstern as well, but as he also did get DRS, for no reason he tried to unlap himself, resulting me getting distracted in the turns 1 and 2 , and then also he did get very aggressivein the esses section.

Concluding the first part, in both parts, all the movements of Martstern did also result costing me and JDLions time (at least 3 seconds).

2. Besides what Martstern did to us in Lap 7-8, he also helped Balu to get and catch us up that way(as i mentioned before, blocking us both). There is no secret that Martstern and Balu are both from Hungary(no disrespect). So in this case, Martstern might received team orders from Balu to block us both(Lap 7-8) and then to give him DRS, so that Balu would catch us more easily(u need to see it on the map in my clip, u will definitely see that). And also to add to this, these "team orders" happened while Balu and Martstern are in different teams(Balu - Mercedes; Martstern - Racing Point). And I would like to also mention, that this sort of thing already happened in first round of the season in Bahrain (, and in that case Martstern was also involved in this.

In the end, after all this what he done, Martstern, surprise-surprise, has dramatically fallen in terms of pace and he was nowhere in that race(no disrespect) and then he retired on Lap 10, was it on his purpose or not, i dont know.



Martstern blocking/distracting JDLions(Clip 1):

Martstern blocking/distracting JDLions(Clip 2):

Martstern blocking/distracting R3iAr(me)/unlapping for no reason:

Martstern and Balu "team orders"(for getting DRS(?)) (also see the map):
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Feb 2, 2020
This is ridicilous. I know I reovertake some of you, but that’s nonsense that you and your friends always bullying me or the other hungarians. I have neved team’d with any hungarian in this league. I recommend that you should think about what you say because that’s a big nonsense. My race ruinned in the first lap because of @S4lty but I can’t do anything because I didn’t record it. I think I didn’t ruin anyone’s race so that’ all. think about it....

Balu | Kubu eSports

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Feb 22, 2020
!What do you think about yourself ?! Are you watching people during the competition? Now stop here because you're in trouble. You decide what my destiny is? In addition, it has nothing to do with these cases. Rather defend what they do to you (they kick you out at the start). I applied for this league to compete for a good one, not to steal all good positions from me in every race ... In fact, if you hate Hungarians, at least don't be racist.
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Sep 4, 2018
okay, idk what's going on here, but we can keep it all civil in here please.
Also keep it in English please @Martstern @Balu | Kubu eSports .

Also @Marcell Tényi and in addition, this is not an enquiry against you, so you should not even post in here.

this is now moved to the stewards.
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Jan 25, 2018
The thread will remain closed while the stewards investigate the incident and what has been said here as well.

Head Steward

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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have overlooked the evidence and have decided to award @Martstern 10 penalty points for unsporting driving under blue flags.

The teamwork allegations are given No Further Action because of lack of evidence, though this is not permitted and this alleged group of drivers will be continually monitored.

Furthermore, @R3iAr is given a reprimand for the crude comment in Russian. Though we make it clear, that the behaviour and attitude shown by all drivers in this thread is inappropriate and not tolerated in AOR. Remember, we should be racing for fun and fair competition, and by being toxic this enjoyment can be lost for the whole league.


(@R3iAr @JDLions_Roar @Martstern @Balu | Kubu eSports @Delta2611 @DeAd3ye)
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