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Jan 14, 2018
Platform + League: PC America F1
League Coordinator: @Steph Farelle @Mo#9991
Date: 4/5/2020
Members Involved: @Pilpro
During the second stint of the race, I spent a lot of time trailing MRT Pilpro, and I noticed that at several times during the race that he had cut the exit of Ascari. I recall at some point during the race asking Jeff for info on the driver ahead (Pilpro, obviously) and was informed that he had no penalties. Post race, I went back and re-watched my stream and noticed that Pilpro cut Ascari almost every lap in dry conditions. To make the Stewards job a little easier, I have clipped every instance that I believe I saw him cut, but will also attach a link to my full stream's video in case further investigating needs to be done. Attached will be Pilpro's race director and if you go to 1:18:41 in my stream (separate link attached, hopefully it works), you can see the full race director where it states that two of Pilpro's three warnings were track limits while the third was a lap 1 tap with another driver.

Lap 9

Lap 10

Lap 14

Lap 15

Lap 16

Lap 17

Lap 18

Lap 20

Lap 21

Lap 23

Lap 24

Lap 25

Lap 26 (This one is slightly hard to tell on my POV)

Also attached is @Tudor900's POV of lap 25 and 26. On lap 25, Tudor takes Ascari cautiously by the looks of it, but Pilpro cuts the corner and is able to be right on his tail upon exit. Lap 26 you can get an idea of the kind of exit cutting the corner gives Pilpro plus it gives a more clear view of the cut than what my stream provides.

My Stream

Race Director in Stream

Pilpro 1.png
Pilpro 2.png

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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have reviewed the evidence and concluded that @Pilpro cut the final corner of Ascari 13 times without receiving a warning. 13 warnings will be added to his race total, which equals to 12 seconds worth of time penalties being added to this total race time. @Pilpro also receives 5 penalty points for ignoring the track limit rule. Please read the rules about track limits.

@Pilpro @Fizzymon @Mo#9991 @Steph Farelle
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