Moved Americas F1: Vietnam L1 T2 - XRDS_Savage & GuptaMan Incident

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Platform + League: F1 Americas
League Coordinator: @Fizzymon
Date: Sept 20th 2020
Members Involved: @XRDS_Savage @kaneshka.gupta

After the start, GuptaMan moves from the outside of the entry to Turn 1 to the inside and ends up on the left side of the track on exit with me sufficiently alongside him. Then, his car proceeds to turn in on me and force me wide through the start of Turn 2, costing me several positions. Shame the contact had to happen as I think it compromised both of our races. I am aware that there could have been outside forces that affected Gupta's position on track (i.e. cars on his right) and forced him to run wide - just want to see his perspective and get to the bottom of this collision.


Backup Evidence:
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Jan 22, 2014
@Fizzymon - I was not controlling the car - the AI was, I do not record my races so I don't have POV, but if anyone recorded the race, you can see, I disconnected on the formation lap and even though I got back in, I couldn't take control of the car until turn 3

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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have reviewed the evidence and concluded that it was in fact the AI controlling the car. No further action will be taken on the incident itself, but @kaneshka.gupta will receive a warning for his connection. If this happens more often, the coordinators will review your position in the league.

@kaneshka.gupta @XRDS_Savage @Fizzymon
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