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PS4 ANNOUNCEMENT: Season 13 Driver Placements


Formula 4 1st Driver
Dec 20, 2016
Very happy to keep my place F3, originally I had hopes of moving up but with so many top new drivers signing up, as it got towards the end of the sign up phase I started to be a bit concerned I might not even stay in F3! And looking at who's in F3 its feels like I'm in the twilight zone as I'm racing against a completely new bunch of people.

Looking at the top tiers its almost surreal how much quality there is there, but with that much quality I suspect we will see fireworks and some tears.
Its just a shame the calendar wasn't the same as Season 12, as with 21 races it wouldn't have surprised me if everyone in the top tier won a race but as its 15 races that won't be possible, I hope that F1 2017 comes out slightly later then expected so there is the chance of at least an extra race or 2 this season.:angelic:

For those that might not be happy with your placing, its clear that with what happened in the sign up phase (which was extraordinary because of the drivers that signed up) that there had to be some very tough decisions that the co-ords had to make, but its well worth remembering the hours of consideration they had so that what they decided is what they thought was the best for everyone here.
But with that being said I have to admit I did raise an eyebrow

(ok maybe not to that extent:p) when I saw @Gamer_DA_best262 in F2, (I stand by what I said regarding the co-ords decision) but what I would say to you is simple really - go and dominate the first 2/3 races - put it on pole and win by a comfortable margin, if you do that the co-ords 'should' take notice and won't have no choice but to consider moving you to the top tier simply because the season is only 15 races long, also they won't want a repeat of last season when it took too long to move drivers.

Hey Dale you can be sure that I'll check in on F4 during the season (as half of last seasons F3 is now there) just to see how you guys are doing and to reminisce about the good old days.;) (season 12)

Believe me dude. I will not dominate f2 in the slightest. Seeing who I'm up again is crazy. The top 2 tiers are the equivalent of f1 last season. Don't think I'll be moved or even win tbh