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PS4 Another unfair defending style.

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Formula 4 2nd Driver
Mar 10, 2016
Platform + League: PS4 F6
League Coordinator: @Bankai_Bullett
Date: May 12, 2019
Members Involved: @schumizeu @RobKite

Exiting the pitlane, i was defeding the interior of second corner. @RobKite cannot handle his car and spin into my front wing causing me damage from which i lost precious time every lap. my race was compromised. Please analyse this incident in agreement with the time i lost from lap 12 till lap 26.

Evidence: - minute 20:30


AOR PS4 Ginetta GT5 S1 - Tier 2 Champion & F1 Cod
Staff member
F1 Coordinator
May 10, 2017

My POV. If you compare @schumizeu to my video, you will see he kicks the back end out tapping my car, which forces my front end to pitch into his. I do believe I lost out Way more than him, so should be raising a Enquiry..,,,
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