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XB1 AOR AC Season 1 - Round 1 Monza (24/08/17 - 8pm BST)


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Aug 15, 2017
To avoid what happened to @ricco293 in the future. I will be starting starting a private conversation with all you guys to send the lobby password before the race.
Just so we don't have any unwanted players joining in future.

Very sorry about tonight @ricco293 and hopefully it will never happen again. Hopefully you are not too annoyed and we'll see you next week (y)

Apart from that disaster did everyone think it went smoothly? Or do any of you think there is anything that needs improved?

Anything at all will help. Cheers :happy:
Don't worry. I will be there next week ;)


1-time AOR XB1 GT3 Pro Champion
Mar 20, 2014
Not a very qualy lap for me. My PB at the end but I had no experience with jump session between qualy and race, so no possibility for me to set high fuel for the race :( :p
In the race good start but in the 2nd corner someone touched me, in the gravel, and I lost some positions. I spun 2/3 times but I lost very big time to go in the pit and refuel. In the 2nd part of the race my racepace wasn't very bad. my PB was "reasonable" ;) :) and at the end the illumination!!!
I saw a car ahead of me, a real car, not a car that lapped me, a real car that with an overtake I can jump from 14th to 13th!!! and in the very last lap overtake ... overtake on AC in these conditions?!?!? :p :)

P13 with little points in my pocket ;)
Sorry for the late of this post guys ;)