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XB1 AOR AC Season 1 - Round 5 Mugello (28/09/17 - 8pm BST)


AOR's 'Finest' Driver
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Jun 28, 2016
So the red lights began to shine before the start of the 27th lap... last lap started with -0.4 liters I did not know what to do. @seppel165 spun, @FTW ChaosTheory spun and I still couldn't get 2nd because I was through sector 2 and 3 in 6th gear and on the start finish straight I was at 5% throttle just trying to get it over the line. A video will follow soon :rofl:


AOR XB1 Assetto Corsa Porsche Cup S1 Champion
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Mar 9, 2016
This was probably the most undeserved win on AOR ever...
I qualified on Pole with a 51.5 I think profiting from @ricco293 getting held up. Guys, watch your mirrors.
I had an OK start with some difficulties getting into the groove of things. As I just managed to pull a little gap I spun and fell back to P8 at one point. I somehow managed to put in some decent laps and drag myself back into the top3 with some others doing silly mistakes as well. On the last lap I was leading by 5 seconds and spun again...
Nevertheless @FTW ChaosTheory and the fuel saving God @Chiraq weren't able to overtake me again so I managed to win with 3 major and at least two minor mistakes.
There is some training required for the next one as @iBreMbo will be back challenging everybody!

Nevertheless veeeeery good points for me and the team!
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VBR Swift

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Jan 3, 2017
The race was good p3 and a little error and that was the starts of the hell finish by a crash game I hope the next round was better
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