PS4 AOR ACC GT4 League - Practice Races (Sunday/Monday) - Season 1


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Every race-week on Sunday and Monday there are two servers re-started at 6.30PM UK time dedicated for the upcoming race. We will try to have always one server available during the rest of the week for practice.

● Event format:
- Practice: 60 minutes
- Qualifying: 15 minutes
- Race: 20 and 40 minutes
For weather check the Weather and Event Settings thread

Drivers are free to choose which server they want to join.

● Private practice servers for the upcoming race: #1 | GT4 Season 1 | "trackname" Practice
Password: apex #2 | GT4 Season 1 | "trackname" Practice
Password: apex

- We do not accept stewards enquiries, but if you witness unacceptable behaviour - feel free to send it to one of the coordinators. In case the coordinator(s) also think it went too far, the driver causing issues may be blocked from participating in the practice races for the rest of the season.
- This means that the practice races are unofficial and are entirely separated from the GT4 league season, except for the fact that it's on the same circuit with the same weather conditions.
- We ask you to please simply behave, which hopefully is not too much asked. Use common sense, also don't start spamming the PSN chat when another driver likes the color of your car and wants a little of it on his own car.
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GP2 Test Driver
Practice race was great. Had a blast catching up and got into the top 5. Great battling all the way. Unfortunately only had time for one race. See you tuesday!

Will Friedmann

Formula 3 Test Driver
Fun car to drive, indeed. The Porsche is stry and I often loose the rear. But looking at the other drivers yesterday, I guess we all are in the same boat. I had some great battles and intense moments

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