PS4 AOR ACC GT4 Season 1 - Tier 2- Round 1 - Zolder [01/12/2020 7:30pm UK]


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What a great first race! Quali went very well, had P2 behind @BernoR_21 but it was snatched by @Luche109 in the last few minutes, pushing me to 3rd. In the sprint race I managed to get past Luche around T2 the long right hander before the tricky first chicane. From there I managed to pull a gap until @KungJarnix in the KTM started gaining, and fast! A mistake going into the second chicane gave @KungJarnix the opportunity to pass and take P2. Great racing mate and bloody good pace!

The second race went better. Starting in P3 again I stayed behind @Luche109 little longer than in the sprint. Had some really good close racing with him. I pulled a cheeky move on the inside of the second chicane, left a brown spot in my pants when the wheels locked up but stuck to the move I initiated and got past. At one point before that @KungJarnix missed his breaking point. Luckily I could see his KTM coming straight for me and could move left just enough to avoid a big crash. We traded some paint and carried on, no harm done!

Overall I'm really happy with my first AOR Laugue podiums and looking forward to seeing you guys at Brands Hatch next week. Big congrats to @BernoR_21 for his double win. You were ridiculously quick mate!


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Wow.... That was a good start of the season for me. After two filler leagues on AOR (ProjectCars 2 Winter Competion and later Clio Cup) and after two seasons GT3 (S15 GT3 projectcars 2 and S1 GT3 on ACC) I got my first wins yesterday. So very pleased with that.

Qualify went very well and managed to take pole just before @Luche109, @turborat and @KungJarnix . Start of race 1 was good and I managed to pull a small gap in the first laps. This gap was only a few seconds and I had to push really hard to keep it that way. @turborat was chasing me and there was no room for error. A slight mistake would have got him right on my tail. And because there are no teamorders between BDG Simracing Alpha en Bravo... I was very sure he would make a move when on my tail. In the end I got a little nervous seeing the incredible laptimes @KungJarnix was doing with low 37s and closing in every lap. Pushed hard to keep him around 2s behind and took my first ever AOR win.

Second race I was expecting a serious batlle in the front, but unfortunatly @KungJarnix got a DT penalty because of making a jumpstart. That took him out of the race more or less. Feel sorry for you mate! Race 2 developed the same as race 1. @turborat chasing me with an early pulled gap of about 4s. Some laps he was closing in some tenths, other laps I managed to win some tenths. In last part I made some small mistakes that cost me some seconds. Even almost lost it in T1 due to a Trophy message of ACC 'Best of the Best'... I was distracted and first thinking something was wrong... Later I discoverd that it meant that I got my platinum licence :) . Anyway I managed to stay in front of @turborat for my second win of the evening. So great results!

Congrats to other podiumfinishers: @turborat, @KungJarnix and @Luche109! I hope that you all enjoyed the race and especially the guys who drove their first league race on AOR!

Now heading for Brands Hatch. Also a track I love but I doubt about my speed there being as good as on Zolder. Will take some preparation and practice! Chances of wet conditions... That wil be challenging!


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I know it is late, but was trying to join today's race and I will not be able to make sorry for the late notice


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I know it is late, but was trying to join today's race and I will not be able to make sorry for the late notice
Can't find you on my list. PC drivers? this is PS4