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Jan 14, 2014
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Thanks so much to everyone who's donated - this will do nicely towards a new laptpp I was thinking of getting

Haha - nah just great to build up a nice pot to keep the leagues going for a few seasons

If you've donated £10 or more and haven't got a premium membership, can you @ me or PM me. It's been difficult keeping track of people's real names lol

@Alan Andrews
@Benji McCluskey
@Brian Ross
@Bruno Gallo
@Driss Soukhal
@Fred Ogega
@Hygrade B
@Jarryd Vermeulen
@Old Joe
@pete day
@Sean coull
@SW SkeeVo
@Nick Brown
@Ryan Foster


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Aug 9, 2020
I want to make my donation but can't through the link. How else can I do this?


Bruno Gallo

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Apr 28, 2020
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*** edited this post as it no longer applies (had questions around the league but just realised I missed the sign up dates and all...)
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Nov 19, 2020
Hi everyone,

Unlike many other games, servers for Assetto Corsa Competizione run on dedicated servers and cannot be hosted through peer-to-peer networking. Renting servers on such a dedicated server costs money.
The monthly costs of an individual gameserver are acceptable, but when there are e.g. 7 tiers per platform, the costs can become pretty high.
Some members of the community already offered us to make their rented servers available to AOR, but (although we certainly appreciate it) we don't want to take advantage of that. The AOR staff want to manage and be in control of the servers completely by itself, so that we can only blame ourselves in case something goes wrong. This is not because we don’t trust you, we just don't want to have server/payments problems during the competitions, which will cause problems for both the drivers and staff during the league.
At the moment, the servers are paid for by the coordinators. To avoid half the staff becoming homeless, we hope you will make a contribution and help us finance the servers.

On PC we currently rent a dedicated server, which allows us to run servers for seven GT3 tiers, two GT4 tiers and host Endurance events on the weekends.

On PS4 we currently rent four servers, which will be increased if required (depending on the amount of signups). Renting a dedicated server for PS4 unfortunately is impossible at the moment.

A PayPal Money Pool has been created and you can transfer money to it. Every bit helps, so it doesn’t matter what amount you would like to help us out with. To keep this as transparent as possible, you can always request the coordinators to show you an overview of payments made for the rented servers.

If you donate like £10 or more we will give you Premium Membership, which will remove ads and allows you more room in your signature. Also gives you access to a private forum.

Thank you for your support,
The ACC crew

PayPal Money Pool link:
Always happy to contribute. Just donated and looking forward to being part of it.
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