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PC AOR ACL Audi TT Cup - Race 2

Mazy CZ

F1 Senna Equivalent
Jan 14, 2014
AOR ACL Audi TT Cup- Race 2 - 27/11/2017 @19:30
AOR AC S4_banner.jpg

Make sure you have the Car tune installed and understand how P2P works - HERE
Make sure you have the Track pack installed - HERE - currently V1
Make sure you have the skin pack installed - HERE - currently V1.1
Make sure you have read info about penalty system HERE -currently AOR_V1

Communication: Discord - read the instruction HERE
Advice - use push-to-talk function if your mic is too sensitive and can't be adjusted correctly. If so, discort needs to run "as administrator" to be able to use this in Assetto Corsa. - If there will be some background noises, the driver will have to sort his mic out!

Server info is here:
Server: ApexOnlineRacing.com
Password: newapex

Race date and time:
● 27th of November 2017, 19:30PM UK Time

Lobby Settings:
Wait time : 1 minute
● Start: Standing
● Practice: 30 mins
● Qualifying: superpole
● Race 1 : 25mins
● Race 2 : 25mins - full reverse grid from Race 1 results - DO NOT DISCONNECT AND RECONNECT TO THE SERVER BETWEEN RACES

● Weather: Random
● Starting Time: Random
● Track Grip: Static
● Wind: Random

● Tire Blankets: Yes
● ABS: Allowed
● TC: Allowed
● Stability Aid: No
● Auto Clutch: No
● Force Virtual Mirror: No
● Force Default Setups: we will use AOR setup which will be locked, apart from fuel


● Damage: 50%
● Tyre Wear: 200%
● Fuel Rate: 100%
● Flags & Penalties: OFF - ingame, ON - Pitlane Penalty App
● Jump Start: DriveTrough

Pit Stops:
The pit stops are NOT MANDATORY this season BUT are optional.

@Mazy CZ @Noztra @Niclas Domino @hinesy32

Failing to inform a coodinator about absence will result in getting demoted to the back of the reserve list! If you are reserve and will not be able to race, you have to infotm us aswell!

To prevent any chaos just before the server is open, we decided that the deadline to inform us that you are not able to race is 1 hour before server is open (18:30 UK time) But, of course, if you know that you are not going to race, thell us as soon as possible.

Also, in case of emergency, if a main driver let us know very close to that deadline, that for some reason he is not able to race, we will ask the next reserve driver in line and he will have 10 mins to confirm if he will race or not.

For all reserves, please, write us, or in this thread, that you are avalaible to race as soon as possible so we have a list of reserves who can race if any main driver drops out.

Reserves avalaible to race:

Confirmed No Shows (1):
@Adrian Jumuga - possibly
Reserves who are racing (0):
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Mazy CZ

F1 Senna Equivalent
Jan 14, 2014
1. @Mazy CZ - Czech - 76561198114357596
2. @Noztra - Danish - 76561197963502606
3. @EVR Morvic - Polish - 76561198158588935
4. @santsuke99 - Finnish - 76561198130689550
5. @DANGEROUS GIANETTA - Turkish - 76561198231081596
6. @Hampus Soderberg - Finnish - 76561198122609451
7. @Niclas Domino - Danish - 76561198063421295
8. @R.Macieira - Portuguese - 76561198012702299
9. @matt785shimmy - British - 76561198090652276
10. @popzz - Swedish - 76561198021982549
11. @berserkmir - Italian - 76561197966377099
12. @Astrit Arsllani - Albanian - 76561198258413494
13. @Dazzy Oz - British - 76561198046945391
14. @Adrian Jumuga - Romanian - 76561198024042819
15. @Microlander - British - 76561198084161294
16. @David Siska - Hungarian - 76561197977895080
17. @NonRunner - Finnish - 76561198016999983
18. @Meekstaaa - British - 76561198225460264
19. @TheIceberg - Finnish - 76561198062867919
20. @NusPojava - Macedonian - 76561198107456003
21. @exited - German - 76561198294309587
22. @Keith Camilleri - Maltese - 76561198375179536
23. @Mattia Silva - Portuguese - 76561198126712041
24. @hinesy32 - British - ?
25. @TicklishPicklewickle - Danish - 76561198084436343
26. @SilverArrow3 - Belgian - 76561198018001701
27. @Tom Bridle - British - 76561198015481203
28. @Rasmus Augustsson - Swedish - 76561198141851387
29. @Mr AlcoN - Finnish - 76561198316158141
30. @VRL Ringrose - British - 76561198026379022
31. @Tomessi - Polish - 76561198008697752
32. @F1XL Pred - Italian - 76561198133533291
33. @Emin Babaoglu - Turkish - 76561198084171886
34. @maxafc46 - British - 76561198103557910
35. @Flavus Periculum - Scottish - 76561198367206299
36. @Terence Grech - Maltese - 76561197998496345
1. @N1kmido - Austria - 76561198118453967
2. @Justin Mifsud - Maltese - 76561198175644219

@Ycoms - 76561198158537213
@McPhilen - 76561197970893643 - not sure
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Mazy CZ

F1 Senna Equivalent
Jan 14, 2014
As many of you know and noticed, we look at Lap 1 incidents and in Round 1 there were preety much cases, that were caused by "lame" driving.

I spent quite lot of time by just making the videos, rendering, uploading and creating all threads.

We have decided that we will no longer look at Lap 1 incidents and if some incidents happen, it is up to the affected driver/guilty driver to raise the enquiry themselves.

So please, if you got taken out and you think a driver that caused the incident did something wrong, create a stewards case and we will look at it.

If there is a crash, and there is no enquiry raised by any driver, then the affected driver is fine with the actions by "guilty" driver and there should not be any forum rage/accusations.

I hope you all understand and will behave friendly and fair in next rounds. Mistakes happen, but be extra careful on opening laps and don't make optimistic divebombs if you are not sure of the outcome.

Also, look ahead, and also on the mini map. If there is a crash in front, slow down and try to avoid cars that are stationary. That T8 incident of Race 2 was just sad to see. Like field of sheep following each other and crashing in the same car.

Well, enough said, let's look forward for tonight's racing.

Adrian Jumuga

Formula 4 1st Driver
Aug 22, 2016
Tonight between 18 and 19 i will have a meeting. There might be a chance to take longer and that will make it impossible for me to take part at the race. So, if i'll not be online when the server will start, please ask someone else to join. Thank you !!
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Reigning AOR PC Assetto Corsa Champion
Mar 7, 2014
Sorry, for the late call but I just realized that I have been studying on the wrong thing for a big physics test. So I can't make it tonight. @Noztra
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F1 Senna Equivalent
Aug 9, 2016
Well at least the ping was better, but otherwise the lobby was more unstable than last week (for an example sometimes cars did disappear for few tenths, obviously that didn't affect too much but for sure that wasn't good sign and that didn't happen on social race or preseason race or last week so yeah...), anyways on lap 7 for race 1 i got the same problem than before preseason race which was that i got text on my screen that "server was unavailable etc...", then i did rejoin for the lobby for race 2 but after few laps just spectating, cars started going through walls and basically having their own life so i decided to not race on race 2 because i didn't want to destroy anyones races because of this.

I have to say i'm little bit gutted because it did feel that this time i was able to stay with others and not being like 1 second off the pace or more like before

D. Goelz

Premium Member
Premium Member
Aug 26, 2016
Super annoyed, took it very easy two times in L1 and got taken out two times and dropped to dead last...
If stuff like that continues, I will quit this league as soon as possible, because 3 of 4 races until now were completely garbage for me, because other people drive as their monitor is turned off :(:(:(
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