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PC AOR ACL Audi TT Cup - Race 2


Season 4 PC GT3 Pro Champion
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Dec 28, 2015
i don't want to explain step by step how crashes happened or hits.as i said guys if you started to race middle of the grid.you need to pray for surviving lap1 all turns.anyway,
i want to thanks all efforts @Noztra ,@Mazy CZ ,@hinesy32 and @Niclas Domino, stream guys and thanks to all joined friends.
yes i was lucky yesterday,i didn't hit nobody.i saw some agressive drive but i tried to away from them.i had great battles especially with @Mr AlcoN, @exited @matt785shimmy @santsuke99 .special thanks them. imreally enjoyed yesterday races.
as a Grey Goose team, i believe we can do better.bad luck for my teammate @TheIceberg and @SilverArrow3 for race 2:(
i hope next week we get more enjoyable races for all drivers.
thanks guys.Cya next week.


GP2 1st Driver
Sep 6, 2016
until I got stucked behind @maxafc46 . To be honest, at that race, I really thought some of your defensive moves were too much. One time at T2 I thought you actually blocked me by not turning into the apex. But the main problem I has is that you went wide into T5 twice and I was on the inside well side by side and you just came back at me and closed the door. Was lucky that I braked otherwise we would end up spinning. It happened twice so I was not really happy about that. But I will look at the replay and see it again.
Well i have just rewatched it and can't see that i didn't anything wrong, just covered the inside line when you had a run on me. On the exit of T5 i had just parked my car on the apex to cover the switch back, i never came back across the track when you were alongside.

Mattia Silva

Formula 3 Test Driver
Jan 9, 2017
So is the only way to tell if someone got a cutting penalty for them to tell you, that doesn't seem like a great system to me.
It shows in game who had a penalty in a specific moment, but i dont think it adds those penalty seconds to the final time.