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League Information

Scroll below for a detailed look at the settings, points and guidelines for Season 3 of the Apex Online Racing Assetto Corsa Formula 3 League.

League Details
● Overview of the lobby settings that will be applied for the league races.

Championship Points
● Driver's Championship scoring.
● Team's Championship scoring.

Reverse Grid Format
● Guidelines for how to deal with disconnections and mass disconnections.

Disconnection Guidelines
● Guidelines for how to deal with disconnections and mass disconnections.

● Overview of the members involved with running the leagues.

League Details

Lobby Credentials:
●Server Name: AORF3_S3
●Password: AORaceS3
Note: Server is not online 24/7

Race Days and Timings:
● Race Days: Mondays (2 consecutive races per race day)
● Start Time: 20:00 UK Time
● Season Duration: 10 weeks

● Maximum Grid Size Per Tier: 22
● No. of Tiers: 2
● Car: Formula RSS 3 V6 (Mod)
● Setup: Default (With mild freedom, more information below)
● Start: Standing
● Mandatory Pitstop: No*
● Jump Start Penalty: Drive-through

Open Setup Options:*
● Tyres
● Aero
● Suspension
● Fuel
● Halo

Lobby Settings:
● Fuel Rate: 100 %
● Tyre Wear Rate: 107%
● Damage : 75%
● Qualifying limit: 150%
● Qualifying Length: 15 minutes
● Race 1 Length: 30 minutes
● Race 2 Length: 30 minutes (Top 10 Reverse Grid)
● Endurance Length: 60 minutes

● Auto Clutch: ON
● Tire blankets: ON
● Stability control: OFF
● Traction control: Factory (OFF)
● ABS: Factory (OFF)

● Weather: Random*
● Ambient Temperature: Random*
● Ambient Temp variation: 0-2
● Road Temp: Random*
● Road Temp Variation: 0-2
● Wind: 0-2
● Wind Variation: 0-1
● Time of day: Random*
● Track surface: Optimum

*subject to change per race, please see individual race threads for more information

Teams Allowed: Yes
Custom Liveries Allowed: No
Liveries Allowed: All in-game liveries and the following extended livery pack

Championship Points (One Drivers and One Team Championship)

1st: 16 pts
2nd: 12 pts
3rd: 9 pts
4th: 7 pts
5th: 6 pts
6th: 5 pts
7th: 4pts
8th: 3 pts
9th: 2 pts
10th: 1 pts

Reverse Grid Format

The second race during the race day will be run under a reverse grid order for the top 10 finishers of the first race (after all in-game penalties are applied). Below is a visual representation of how the finishing positions of Race 1 correlate to the grid positions of Race 2.

Driver’s Finishing Position in Race One / Driver’s Starting Position in Race Two

1st / 10th
2nd / 9th
3rd / 8th
4th / 7th
5th / 6th
6th / 5th
7th / 4th
8th / 3rd
9th / 2nd
10th / 1st
11th/ 11th and so on

Disconnection Guidelines

● Disconnections
If a driver loses connection during qualifying, they will be invited back into the lobby or may join on their own to continue from where they left off.

If a driver loses connection in the transition from qualifying to race, or during the race, that is tough luck, and unfortunately nothing can be done about that.

We do our best to ensure that the best available connection in the lobby acts as the lobby host, so any connection issues are normally a result of a fault on the disconnecting driver's end. Please ensure that your internet connection is fine, and that your NAT type is open, before entering the race lobby.

If you still encounter issues with a particular host, let your coordinator know.

● Mass disconnections
If 5 (or more) drivers lose connection to the lobby during the transition from qualifying to the race, the lobby will be restarted and the race will be started with a manual rolling start, where drivers will use the first lap of the race to line up in a double file formation based on their qualifying positions. Proper concentration and cooperation from the drivers are required to make this work. This will only happen one time. If the problem persists then the race will be postponed.

The coordinator of the league will make sure everybody is aware of their position - this may take some time.

During the race, if half (or more) of the drivers in a race lose connection at the same time, or over a short period of time, that counts as a mass disconnection.

If less than 50% of the race was completed at the time of the mass disconnection, the race will be restarted immediately, preferably with a new lobby host. If several drivers are unable to restart the race at that time, the race will be rescheduled for a later date.

If more than 50% of the race was completed at the time of the mass disconnection, the race will end, and the race order from the time of the first disconnection becomes the final result. Half points are awarded to all drivers.

If more than 90% of the race was completed at the time of the mass disconnection, the race will end, and the race result will be declared as the order at the time of the first disconnection.

● Postponing a race.
Unfortunately, sometimes the technology that allows us to go racing turns against us. Try as we might, occasionally, it isn't to be. This sometimes means we have to postpone or cancel a race. If we do so it's because we feel it's the fairest option for everyone.

If a race is postponed or cancelled. The round in question will take place the week following the end of the season. This is to keep the rest of the calendar in sync for social media promotion. If any extra rounds suffer issues, those rounds will not be carried out and will be cancelled. This is again, to keep things in sync with any interim leagues we run. In a case where multiple rounds have been cancelled, the first track that was postponed will be raced at the end of the season.

Reasons we may postpone or cancel a race include:
- Server/Connection issues: If Drivers are continually getting dropped during the race and there is no way of keeping everyone in the lobby then we may postpone the race, rather than having a 4-6 person race.


For league related inquiries or questions, your first point of contact should be a staff member within the league you are assigned to - preferably the League Coordinator. Upon joining a league, it will be made clear who your League Coordinator is.

Example reasons to contact them could be:
● To inform them that you're missing a race
● To get information about your league
● If you are unhappy about something, either with regards to a race or on the forums

If you have an issue with your a staff member and would rather discuss the issue with someone else, then seek out another person from the below list and address the issue to them.Our coordinators and Moderators are expected to remain completely unbiased, and as long as you address the situation sensibly and maturely they will be happy to discuss any issues no matter who it is with.

Please reach out to @Sarv_H25, @Mali Baćo or any AC Coordinator for any questions or concerns.
  • Drivers need to have completed at least 90% of the race distance in order to score full points for their final classified position.
  • Drivers who complete between 75% and 90% of the race distance will be eligible to score half points for their final classified position.
  • Drivers who complete less than 75% of the race distance will score 0 points, regardless of their classified position.
In the case of drivers being tied on points in the standings, the higher position will be awarded to the holder of most first places. If the number of first places is the same, the holder of most second places, then third places, and so on until a winner emerges.
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