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AOR AUS League Interest Thread


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Aug 11, 2016


Apex Online Racing is pleased to announce the extension of our highly successful Formula One leagues on the official game: F1 2017, to the land in Australia and neighbouring countries. The leagues will be operated on all platforms (PC/PS4/XB1) under the same rules and regulations as the existing European based leagues, but with appropriate race times (8PM AUS time) and a much more realistic ping requirement. Essentially, everything that your connection/location puts your out of your reach for the AOR leagues, will now be being tailor made for you!


The league will be hosted by a driver in Austalia with a good connection, and the league is open to anyone who is able to meet the ping limit from whatever country (likely 150ms). As aforementioned, the leagues will use the same rules and regulations as the existing AOR F1 leagues. The top split will always be entirely assist free, with the rest of the tiers ultimately being decided according to the amount of sign ups and their respective ability. The lower leagues in the Main Leagues will likely have the option to run automatic gears and the racing line, but all other assists will not be allowed. Interest permitting, there will also be Assist Leagues held for drivers who are less comfortable turning off the driving assists. These leagues allow the drivers to use all of the assists available, most noticeably Traction Control and ABS, and due to these assists changing the performance of the car they are separated from the Main Leagues. To view the rules and regulations for the AOR F1 leagues, click here.

Specific details of the leagues will have to be altered, however, general information can also be viewed here. The league calendar, race time and significant dates are all details that will be announced before the sign ups to the league are open.


To register your interest for a league functioning in the Australia area, please complete the following template:

Platform: [PC/XB1/PS4]
Assists used:

Driver List

Drivers who have registered interest in an Australian based league are listed below

PC: (2)

@yobbo - None
@JellyApple - None

XB1: (23)

@Jayden - TC (med) & RL
@RoscoArm - None
@Sah Prosser - None
@Aitcho56 - None
@Mitchie950 - AG, TC (Med) & RL
@Fendz - None
@HarryRyan - None
@Warden - None
@NzL RyaN LzN - None
@Tiametmarduk - None
@BrockDoesStuff - None
@Ort_Preet - AG, TC (Med) & RL
@Pomsforthewin87 - RL
@Hogezy - AG, TC (Med) & RL
@Owens1503 - RL
@HG Gamer - AG, TC (Med) & RL
@iKaiowas - TC (Med) & RL
@Eli - TC (Med), ABS & RL
@IsThatMaTt039 - TC (Med) & RL
@Aaron L3F4 - None
@Gingerhorizon12 - RL
@Blaknight08 - RL
@Neontreedome - TC (Med), ABS & RL
@Mejohn - TC (Full) & ABS

PS4: (11)

@bananajosh1 - AG, TC (Full), ABS & RL
@InfiniteMarch96 - None
@Maznat87 - RL
@Excalibur942 - RL
@SirLJB_ - RL
@iContrast - None

@GeorgeAshmore - None
@FinalChicane - None
@Elfster85 - TC (Med) & RL
@andyholdenv8 - None

@Dubzzy__ - None (PS4/PC)
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Aug 31, 2017
Platform: Xbox one
Assists used: medium traction and corners only racing line
GT: im deth br02
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Aug 6, 2016
Platform: PS4
Assists used: Traction Control (Full), ABS, Racing Line (Corner only) & Auto gears


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Oct 18, 2017
Platform: Xb1
Assist: None (turning off line this Saturday)
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