AOR Classic Rally Series - Rules & Regulations

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General Information
This thread contains all of the rules that apply to racing in all of the AOR Classic Rally Series. Our rules are in place to help us enforce a good league experience and to ensure people are taking it seriously.

Important Links
Because there isn't any direct racing with other drivers, the rules below are mostly regarding general behaviour and league participation.
  1. Penalties
    • In-Game Penalties
    • Organizational Penalties
    • Exploiting and/or Cheating
  2. General Behaviour
    • Quitting
    • Forum Activity
    • Regulation Loopholes
  3. Participation & Blacklist
    • Missing Rallies​
    • Withdrawing Mid-Season​
    • Blacklist​
The organization has the right to make changes as they see fit to this thread at any given point in time. These changes will go into effect immediately and will even work retroactively at the organization's discretion.
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1. Penalties
1.1. In-Game Penalties
The game will hand out penalties if it deems you are breaking the limits or rules set by the developers of the game. These penalties can be for the following reasons:

  • Jumping the start
  • Hitting spectators and/or marshals
  • Resetting the vehicle
  • Going out of bounds
  • Cutting beyond the limits
In case of glitches and/or bugs resulting in a time penalty, the organizations has the capabilities to remove these penalties and alter the final standings outside of the club. However this is only possible if they’re provided with sufficient proof.

1.2. Organizational Penalties
The organization will hand out penalties if they deem you are breaking the rules set in this thread. These penalties can be for, but aren’t limited to, the following reasons:

  • Abusing in-game track limits to gain an advantage
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Exploiting and/or Cheating in order to gain an advantage
  • Failing to adhere to mandates set by the organization
The organization will penalize a participant if he/she is found using any other vehicle than he/she signed up with. Using another vehicle is a serious breach of the rules and anyone found doing so will be immediately disqualified from the event.

A participant has the right to change his/her vehicle during the season. In order to change their vehicle, a participant has to contact @SereneLogic or @Faerge and request for their vehicle to be changed. Anyone changing their vehicle mid-season will forfeit any points earned with the previously used vehicle.

The severity of these penalties will depend on the severity of the infractions, as well as the amount found by the organization. These penalties are irreversible.

1.3. Exploiting and/or Cheating
Exploiting and/or cheating in any way, shape or form will result in an immediate blacklisting on the individual found guilty of this very act.


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2. General Behaviour
2.1. Quitting
Deliberately quitting in between stages, in any way, is deemed a breach of conduct by the organization and will be punished appropriately.

Deliberately ending a rally prematurely, without sufficient reason, such as near-terminal damage, is not allowed. Any driver found doing this will be warned and punished appropriately if repeated.

Deliberately leaving a rally, unless done at a service, is not allowed for any reason. Anyone found doing so will be immediately disqualified.

2.2. Forum Activity
As a driver in an ApexOnlineRacing League, you are required to be an active member of the AOR Forum. This means you have a responsibility to stay up-to-date with relevant posts in whichever leagues you are participating in. Any information uploaded to the forum is deemed general knowledge.

As a member of the ApexOnlineRacing community, you are expected and required to behave in a respectful manner on every official communication platform, such as the Forum and Discord Server. Therefor, name-calling, baiting or any aggravating behaviour is deemed as unsportsmanlike conduct and penalized as such.

2.3. Regulation Loopholes
In the unlikely case that an individual or a collective of individuals find and abuse a loophole in the rules and/or regulations stated in this thread, the organization has the right to punish them as they see fit, despite no official rule or regulation being broken. The organization needs to reach an unanimous decision for such a penalty/punishment to be handed out.


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3. Participant & Blacklist
3.1. Missing Rallies
If you are unable to attend a rally, it is your responsibility to report this to a DiRT Coordinator before the rally has ended. This can be done through either the Forums or in the Discord Server.

If you reach a number of 3 or more uninformed absences, it is up to the organization’s discretion whether or not to allow you to compete in the league and participate in upcoming leagues.

3.2. Withdrawing Mid-Season
If you are forced to withdraw from a league in the middle of the season, you are required to inform a DiRT Coordinator about your situation. When given a proper reasoning they’ll officially approve your withdrawal from the league.

If you leave without receiving the official approval of a DiRT Coordinator, whether that be because you didn’t notify one, or because you don’t have a valid reason, you’ll be put on the blacklist.

It is impossible for us to stop you from leaving a league if you've already made up your mind, but keep in mind that when you signed up to participate in this league, you committed yourself to racing for a full season.

If you find yourself in a situation where you're not enjoying the league because you're too slow or too inconsistent, contact a DiRT Coordinator or even other drivers and explain the situation to them. In doing this they may have some feedback/solutions to help you.

3.3. Blacklist
Once a driver has been put on the blacklist it means that you'll be unable to sign up to other leagues in the future. Be aware that this can also affect sign-ups to other leagues on AOR.
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