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PC AOR Clio Cup - PC Tier 1 - Main Thread


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Jan 19, 2014
As last night's round was the final race of the season for me, I've posted up a thread for everyone to provide feedback on, including the two console platforms: https://apexonlineracing.com/community/threads/aor-clio-cup-feedback-thread.63267/

But yeah, I'm skiing in Austria all next week so I won't be able to make the final round at Monza. I enjoyed the league when I wasn't crashing :ROFLMAO: but a couple of things to work on; mainly promptness and minimizing downtime around races. That is something that as we do more races in the format we used will improve over time and become more efficient at anyways. If we had more sign ups and was able to split the grid into 2 tiers, that would also make a nice improvement as the field spread was quite big in the league and having everyone closer together in terms of pace and ability would make it enjoyable throughout the field, but that's something that can't really be controlled as it is all based on the number of people signing up in the first place.

Either way, enjoy the last round of the season and go easy on my team @Mr. Van Ommen. Will be tough in terms of the Championship running but I have faith you'll do your best. Thanks to the coordinators and thanks everyone for some great racing moments.


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Oct 23, 2016
Driver update:

@KRAB has got a qualifying ban that he is to serve at the next qualifying he attends to. Since he has accumulated 25 penalty points from various incidents he has been awarded a qualifying ban. This will be put into action at round 4 at Autodromo Nazionale Monza Short.