PC - AOR Clio Cup - PC Tier 1 - Round 4: Autodromo Nazionale Monza Short - 26.02.20 @8PM UK TIME | ApexOnlineRacing.com

PC AOR Clio Cup - PC Tier 1 - Round 4: Autodromo Nazionale Monza Short - 26.02.20 @8PM UK TIME


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Oct 23, 2016
Final standing are now live :)

Huge congratulations to @Asturbo for winning the Drivers' Championship by just 13 points. I don't think I'm alone in saying that you winning the championship was quite a surprise. The runner-up this season, @Mr. Van Ommen seemed to have the title secured with winning all but 3 races. What we didn't take into account was that @Asturbo was lurking in the shadows behind, consistently finishing on the podium. With @Mr. Van Ommen having a couple of races outside the podium towards the end of the season, @Asturbo ended up winning by total points. In 3rd position @jogurc showed great consistency, keeping the car in the top 10 for 4 of the 6 races and even with 3 podium finishes throughout the season. Awesome job from all three drivers! (y)

The team winning the Teams' Championship this season was Revolution consisting of @Asturbo and @Smolda. With @Asturbo just being outright fast and @Smolda, a veteran here at AOR, they were always big contenters for this season's championship. The runner-ups for the Teams' Championship is Van OmmYork Racing consisting of @Mr. Van Ommen and @Yorkie065 as well as a 3rd place for Broken Wheel Racing consisting of @jogurc and @KRAB. Nice work from everyone involved in the Teams' Chamionship! (y)

A huge shout-out to every driver who signed up for this season of the filler league. Without you guys this league would not have been possible. I thank all of you for wanting to race with me in these leagues that are always a pleasure to coordinate.

Remember the sign-ups for season 15 of our GT3 league will open next week. So keep an eye out for that if you're interested :)


AOR PC Winter Champion 2020 & PC Clio Cup Champion
Jun 9, 2019
I don't think I'm alone in saying that you winning the championship was quite a surprise.
I agree, it was a surprise for me too...

MVO was faster than me in every single race. I tried to be very consistent and avoid incidents with the second place (first non-alien) and the team's title in mind. I didn't have any incident in all of the races, and didn't get any damage in all the league, and that also helped so much for the final result. In the reverse grid races, I tried to be wise and patient sacrificing positions if necessary and finaly all these things allowed me getting the best possible position with my pace in every race.

First race yesterday was amazing again. I made a fantastic start getting first position before the breaking zone that allowed me choosing the best line for T1. But how was impossible going away, I kept safe in the group and save engine and tire temps, up to the final 5 minutes when I pushed to the max. When I got first place, I tried to give the slipstream in every straight to @Tony Clifton because that was better for me in the standings, and I know he is very hard defending (I remembered Barcelona), and that could make in trouble MVO and/or make them loose time for an easier win for me. In the last lap with the first place almost safe, they touch trying to get my slipstream and that gave me an unexpected aditional gap in the standings.

For the second race, I made some fast calcs and I knew that I would need a 7th place to get the title. Then I forgot my planned risky strategy (same as MVO finally used) and looked for a standar strategy avoiding any risk and any battle. I was long in the pit stop (to repair if I get any damage) and fuel load (more litres than needed), and I assure in the pit box entry to avoid penalties. When I returned to the track I was in the middle of the battle between Tiago and Krab for 3th place. It was more dangerous than I would like, so I kept behind making diferent lines to avoid any circumstance. As I was fearing, they finaly touched but the security distance I left, allowed avoid them when they contacted. Then I follow @jogurc until the end of the race avoiding any move to don't put pressure on him and be safer. It was the only race out of the podium, but would be silly fighting for a position I didn't need for the title.

Great league, with one of the best cars of PC2, very good organization with reverse grids, fantastic commentators and the funiest and intense races I ever had in a league.

I can't be happier with the final result, probably the most relevant of my simracing career.

About the future, I don't enjoy much with GT3 and specially for the open setups that needs more time to prepare the races.
My plan now is testing the AMS2 beta from this weekend to see if is like a PC2.5 with fixes and different content, as people expects (I'm not sure about that...).
As PCARS's fan and WMD member, I'm curious about what can Reiza do with Madness engine, hope it will be a great sim, and that also helps in some PC3 design aspects.
The wait for PC3 and lack of news is being too long, so I'm interested in anything that slightly smells to PCARS2.
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Mr. Van Ommen

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Feb 4, 2018
I have to admit the for me too...

MVO was faster than me in every race. I tried to be very consistent and avoid incidents with the target of the second place and the team's title. In reversed grid races, I tried to be wise and finaly all these things allow me getting the best possible position with my pace in every race. I don't have any problem in any of the races, and after the unexpected win in yesterday's first race and MVO's 5th position, I know that I need a 7th-8th in the second one. So tried avoid any battle to have a peaceful race, and no risks with the strategy. But battle ahead of me between Tiago and Krab was a bit dangerous for my target, so I avoid any move making diferent lines to them. As expected they finaly touched and I kept behind Jogurc until the end of the race. The only race outside of the podium, but would be silly make a move for a position I don't need for the title.

Great league, with one of the best cars of PC2, very good organization and very very happy with the final result.

Well deserved man! I think your decision to pit in lap 1 on Rouen, apart from top pace and super consistency, must have won you the championship. I never even thought of that.
So congrats once more on the win @Asturbo and thanks @TicklishPicklewickle for being the coordinator. Also thanks to @EikeSky for the lovely commentary each race!
Thanks to @Yorkie065 for being my team-mate, we took second in the end which is not too bad! Yorkie has been very unlucky in most of the races unfortunately but showed great pace in all the races.

I'm not going for the GT3 league I think, but ill keep watching for another mid-season cup.

Tony Tacos

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Jan 27, 2020
Congratulations to @Asturbo for the win, well deserved man =)
Thanks a lot to all the drivers and the staff who made this league possible, this has been a great learning experience for me.
Special thanks to @EikeSky for the quality streams too, as I wasn't able to attend 2 of the 4 races, being able to watch them helped soften the blow ^^

Cheers =)

Tony Clifton

Formula 4 Reserve Driver
Sep 24, 2019
The first race was so much fun! I was sitting in my chair, followed @Mr. Van Ommen and sometimes I loudly laughed that I could be right behind a much-much faster guy. It was so surreal. :D And what an incredible experience! Almost during the whole race we drove behind each other within 1 second, dozen positions swapping, and the frenetic slipstream added some amazing to this race.

I'm really sorry that there was an accident in the second half of the final lap that ruined the perfect fun. Therefore my conscience is tormented me… :sick::cry: (I always forget to use the CrewChief...)

All in all, it was a great season, and I would be very excited for the next Clio championship, even with more tracks.

Congratulations to @Asturbo (well deserved mate!) for the title, @Mr. Van Ommen (very sorry for the incident...) as well, and of course @jogurc for 3rd place. I never thought I'd ever finish 2nd and 3rd in any race in such a strong field. Thank you and big respect to the organizers for this great experience!


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Jan 28, 2020
Just adding to everyone's comments really. What a great 4 races so competitive even towards the rear of the pack - the organization was brilliant from the start by Ticklish to commentary by Eike, well done guys for doing this and helping us newbies! I'd definitely like do more Clio racing great fun. Well done Asturbo for a superb performance and to MVO for making impossibly fast lap times (are you a cyborg?).
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Oct 23, 2017
Well, these last 2 races didn't go as planned. I qualified reasonably well, but somewhere around half way through the race I got collected in crash before turn 1, which gave me 4 aero damage, which slowed me down on straights ( :D ). I had an amazing battle with @WMDRMartin , unfortunately last lap turn 1, when I was avoiding spinning car, there was a bit of contact and when I finished the race, I got 30 second penalty. It would probably be possible to get that cleared by stewards after the race, but it also meant I was starting P19 in the feature race :-(
The main race didn't go any better - got collected again, gained 4 front aero damage. Pitted for repairs and fuel and later got collected AGAIN for even more damage. After that it was an awesome and long (almost 20 minutes I believe) battle with @JackGame88 and @Allaeddine KESRI (I think) - that was a lot of fun :) In the end, finishing 12th, when I was on P21 at one point, after 2 crashes, that's not bad imo :)
All the crashes were just unfortunate racing incidents, so I guess my luck just ran out in this race.

Despite this last race, I enjoyed the entire season very much. Congrats to my teammate @Asturbo again - you are now officialy an alien mate - at least in my standards :-D Congrats to @Mr. Van Ommen and @jogurc for P2 and P3 and of course thanks @TicklishPicklewickle for organising this and @EikeSky for brilliant commentary!

I hope I'll see you all again on track soon!