AOR Community Team For Daytona 24 |

AOR Community Team For Daytona 24


F1 Senna Equivalent
Apr 1, 2016
Ok so i'm planning on doing the Daytona 24 and im wondering if there are any AOR community teams doing the race.
My irating is around 1100-1200 currently, but if I can get a couple of good races I can get a higher irating than that.
I can drive the GTEs around in 1:44s or 45s.
So is anyone finding a driver?
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Steve Allan

Formula 3 Test Driver
May 12, 2019
Hey Minx,

If you're still looking for someone to team up with for Daytona (and maybe the other special events) I'll be interested in sure. Already started a team with Junor GH, if you're interested just send me a message

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