AOR DiRT 4 Classic Event - Week 2 |

AOR DiRT 4 Classic Event - Week 2


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Feb 6, 2017

Please keep in mind that these events aren't competitive at all, they're meant to be fun, so don't feel discouraged when someone is miles faster than you. Classic cars are meant to be enjoyed :)

In order to join all you have to do is join the following DiRT 4 Club ( )


Date/Time Start: 28/05/18 00:00 BST
Date/Time End: 03/06/18 23:30 BST

Vehicle: Seat Ibiza Kit Car
Assists: Allowed

Stage 1: Viñedo Maspujols - Curso (2,84km, Morning, Mist)
Stage 2: Viñedo La Febró - Sendero (13,66km, Midday, Overcast)
Stage 3: Viñedo Godall - Ascenso Largo (8,78km, Night, Light Rain)