AOR DiRT 4 Cross-Discipline Series - End of Season Announcement |

AOR DiRT 4 Cross-Discipline Series - End of Season Announcement


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Feb 6, 2017
After 9 rounds through every discipline and as many cars as we could scramble together over tarmac, gravel and snow, we have reached the end of AOR's journey with DiRT 4. It was a good run, but in a week from now DiRT Rally 2.0 is releasing and we're stoked to get our hands on that. Stay tuned for news about those sign-ups really soon.

Now lets discuss the results of this season and of course the people who will be receiving its prizes. As seen in the picture below (link to spreadsheet here), @BillyCherokee has come out on top with a whopping 357 points and a 35 points gap over @Joonaahg, with @Quentin DALL’OLMO following closely in third.


Congratulations @BillyCherokee you've shown to be at least a highly skilled driver in every discipline DiRT 4 threw at you. That said we can't take any credit away from the rest of the top 6, @Joonaahg, @Quentin DALL’OLMO, @GGM78, @jrdcompeticion and @DamianGCArzua. This truely has been an interesting fight to get into the top 5, and sadly @DamianGCArzua misses by a few points. But it was a worthy effort.

@BillyCherokee, @Joonaahg, @Quentin DALL’OLMO, @GGM78 and @jrdcompeticion will receive a free copy of DiRT Rally 2.0, as stated in the initial sign-up thread. On top of that @BillyCherokee wukk receive some good looking DiRT Rally 2.0 merchandise. For all these matters we'll be in contact with you as soon as possible.

Last but not least I'd like to thank every participant who signed up and took part in this innovative last series on DiRT 4. I hope you've all had as much fun as I've had during AOR's run with DiRT 4 and I surely hope to see you all again on DiRT Rally 2.0. :)

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