AOR DiRT Rally Season 3 - Licence/Teams/Team Leaders Wanted! |

AOR DiRT Rally Season 3 - Licence/Teams/Team Leaders Wanted!

The Genius

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Sep 30, 2014
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AOR DiRT Rally League Season 3
Super Licence/Teams/Team Leaders WANTED!

Super Licence

From next season and onwards
we are planning an entirely different thing as you may know by now. We are in the process of making a tiered rally system and that is something that you all will enjoy. With that said there is a few things that are important about that.

Firstly the top tier will be managed by Team Leaders. These leaders are the people that will decide who is going to race in their team. Their pick will be limited though through our licence system. To be in the top tier you must have an AOR Rally Super Licence which you will optain by matching some requirements. You need to match one of the following:

  • Started 80% (5/6) and completed 60% (4/6) of the rounds + finished within the top 30 at 3 occasions.

  • Started 80% (5/6) of the rounds + either achieved 2 podiums or 1 rally win.

With this system you show that you are commited and that no-shows are an uncommon issue. If you then are good at finishing the rounds you have it easier to get a super licence than if you struggle with consistent finishes.

(We reserve the right to change the criterias for a super licence between seasons.)

Secondly there will be official AOR Teams! AOR is a competitive league and we are here to win it too obviously. We will also have teams to secure that it will be a competitive league and make sure some particular drivers that we feel deserve it will make themselves into the top tier.

You can find more information about it here!

Teams (Regarding Tier 1)

For next season we are going to have 3 car teams. The cars for the Top Split (Tier 1) will be the newer 2000s (Ford Focus RS Rally 2007 and the Citroën C4 Rally 2010). The Team Leader has the final say regarding drivers and which car they are going to drive, obviously drivers can have a say. The Team Leader assigns two main drivers that are going to drive for the team for the season but has the option of two wildcards during the season. That means he can pick two drivers during the season that can race for the team at one specific rally. These drivers are picked from Tier 2 to give them a chance of a Tier 1 Rally to show their pace off with the best drivers!*

The top 2 finishers within the team are the people that score points for the team, does not matter if it is a main driver or a wildcard.

*The driver that accepts the one-off rally as a wildcard in Tier 1 has the right to do the Tier 2 rally aswell but do not have to.

(Tier 2 cars will be the older 2000s)

Team Leaders


We need Team Leaders for next season and as explained above you need to create a team and assign drivers. You also need to use your wildcards wisely to score as much points as possibly for the team at the same time you need to keep track on drivers who show pace so that you know which driver to assign to a future season. As Team Leader it could be good if you could help out with other things for the team like setup tips or just being a general insperation! Also future interviews for the broadcast/highlights might be something you can take part in!

If you are interested in being a Team Leader get in touch with us @DiRT Coordinator by simply PM a message to us through the inbox. You do not need to be a driver within the league but you can apply either way.

We wish you good luck for the rest of the season and for future seasons from us @DiRT Coordinator: @The Genius @Race Fanatic @RBOS_00 @Tigerkart_22 @DemoN F1

Looking forward to hear from you!:)
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Hampus Soderberg

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Jan 13, 2014
does this mean slower drivers will be driving slower cars???
Depends on what you mean.

There are 2 seperate tiers who doesn't race against each other, you only race the people in the same tier. The tier 1 cars then happens to be slightly faster than the tier 2 ones but this doesn't have any meaning what so ever.


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Dec 30, 2016
ok that was not clear to me. it was seeming to me that the fast drivers would have a clear advantage. glad we got that cleared up... on pc I'm second place .... with the car i drive... lol! the Ford escort 90's
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Oct 23, 2016
does this mean slower drivers will be driving slower cars???
Well I don't suppose the coordinators are making tier 2 drivers drive slower cars because they don't think we can "handle" the fastest cars if that's how you look at it. Suppose it's more about making it more close to real life where there's top classes in the fastest cars and then lower classes in slower cars :)


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Aug 30, 2016
I know season 2 just ended, but when should we expect signups for season 3 to be showing up? I don't qualify for a superlicense (nor do I really want to lol) so I guess Tier 2 signups


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Jan 16, 2017
I was just thinking the same thing. Tier 2 for me :) Looking forward to compate there!


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Apr 4, 2015
Hmmm... Sounds quite promising.
I may consider having a go at this... in Tier 2 of course lol

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