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DiRT AOR DiRT RallyCross - Highlights Announcement


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Aug 11, 2016

We’re now just days from the return of AOR’s RallyCross league for its second season, making it the perfect time to announce our new highlights program on all platforms!

As previously confirmed, @matt212 (XB1) and @Ali Kidd (PS4) will again be streaming the action of their respective platforms live as each round progresses. These streams will be condensed down to the semi-finals and finals for the highlights program, to showcase the business end of each round. Fear not though PC enthusiasts, because coverage of their semi-final and final races will be included in the highlights, as a post commentary from @RyanL83!

Accompanying each platform’s footage for the highlights will also be a small RX Talkshow, brought to you by @pepper_F1! These Talkshows will be roughly 5 minutes long, and will add context to the race footage by discussing the action, results and standings each week. Joining @pepper_F1 as your host of the highlights in the Talkshows for this season will be XB1 streamer @matt212. All three platform’s highlights will be combined together into one big highlights show on @FisiFan91’s Youtube Channel, making it easier to keep up to date with proceedings this season.

In order to make the highlights as successful as possible a media thread for each platform will be setup, where drivers will be able to submit short footage which may be of interest to be shown in the specific Talkshow. Drivers can also apply to feature on their platform’s Talkshow by simply contacting @DemoN RX to register your interest.

For those of you that cannot wait for the highlights be sure to tune in to @matt212’s XB1 and @Ali Kidd’s PS4 streams, which will both be running from 8PM for the next five Tuesdays. For anyone interested to participate in the upcoming season the signups will be open throughout on Xbox, PlayStation and PC, however, you will need to have signed up by 5PM on Tuesday 22nd to be able to compete in the first round at Montalegre.