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Mar 6, 2017
Just installed discord. Where do I find the mentioned #permissionrequest text channel? Don't see it on the aor server page in discord? I want to join discord voice chat for the race today in assetto corsa rss f3 at 20.00 cet.
You have to wait 10 minutes once you join the AOR Discord. Once the 10 min limit is over you should have access to the "role assignment" category and then you can everything is explained in #game-assignment

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Dec 14, 2017
Where of when can I find the sign up form for Xbox one
Planning is still underway for the upcoming season, but the signup process will begin 'soon' (I was told to say). Keep an eye on this page, as this is where the threads for each platform will be and you should be able to access the signup thread and time trial thread from there when they are posted. There will likely also be an announcement in Discord when this happens.
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May 18, 2020
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Hey all!

Those of you who have been racing in AOR leagues on PC will most likely know that we have been using a TeamSpeak server as our official voice communication service during league races and social races on the PC platform. The TS server has been kindly provided by @Beyond for a long time, which we're very grateful for, however as TS isn't a free licence, and also is no longer the best voice chat program for gaming in many people's opinion, the time has now come to make a change!

So, we are pleased to announce the official AOR Discord Server!

This will work as AOR's main voice chat area, particularly for our official leagues running on PC, but it can also be used for general chat between AOR members outside of league races.

How it works:

When joining the server the first time, you will only have access to the "Welcome to AOR" channel. In order to gain access to further channels, you will need to be added to one (or more) of the Racer groups. There's a Racer group for each of the games we have PC leagues on, and after being added to a group you will have access to join the channels relevant to that game. There are also two general chatrooms which users from any Racer group can use for casual bantz.

Note that the league race channels require you to use the push-to-talk feature in order to speak. Therefore it's important that you assign a convenient button for this (in the settings) before jumping in for league races. This is to ensure that we avoid background noise and distractions for the drivers trying to concentrate. In the general social/chat channels however you may use normal voice activation without having to push a button to talk.

How to join the server:

Download and install the Discord application from here.

2. Create an account if you don't have one already. You can also link your Steam user to your account for better integration.

3. Click the INVITE LINK. This should open the Discord app and add you into the server. Your account is now permanently granted access to the server, unless you should choose to leave it at some point, or get yourself banned for some reason (don't make us do this plz, thx).

4. You are now part of the "everyone" group with minimal permissions. In order to gain access to further voice and text channels, you need to request to join one (or more) of the Racer groups. Do this by going to the #game-assignment text channel and clicking the "reaction emoji" which matches with the game role(s) that you need (basically whichever games you're part of AOR races/events on). After clicking this, the corresponding role with be automatically assigned to you. If there's any issues then reach out to a member of staff to take a look.

5. Chat away and enjoy the racing!

General Rules of Behaviour:

● We expect you to behave in a mature way on the server. Avoid making insults, speaking rudely, or intentionally trying to annoy others. If you are seen to be an overly disruptive influence in the voice chat, chances are you will be banned from entering the server.

● During league races while cars are on track, chat should be kept to a minimum, as people will be concentrating on their driving. Only important messages or information should be given during this time. Head over to the social channel should you desperately need to chat away with someone.

● If you experience a frustrating moment in a race, please avoid voicing your instant annoyance or anger via the voice chat, as this creates an unpleasant atmosphere and could majorly put other drivers off. Take a breather, calm yourself down and wait until after the race has finished, or do it on the forum.

● Obviously, don't post adult or explicit images or links in the text channels, as there are members on here who are quite young. And don't share any illegal material.

If anyone has issues, questions or suggestions regarding the Discord server, feel free to leave a reply to this thread!

AOR Staff