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PC AOR Endurance - Kyalami 9h - 07.03.2020


ACC Coordinator
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ACC Coordinator
Jul 25, 2018
Event Information:
Date: SATURDAY March 7th (07.03.2020)
Track: Kyalami GP Circuit - IGTC
Lobby opens: 13:00 GMT - Team practice start
● Event starts:
14:00 GMT - Qualifying start
● Green flag: ~14:30 GMT

Lobby name: ApexOnlineRacing.com #7 | AOR Kyalami 9hr| ApexOnlineRacing.com | discord.gg/AtdCVwg
● Event format:

  • Practice: 60 mins (x1 progression)
  • Qualifying: 20 mins (x1 progression) - The driver that qualifies for the race is the one that has to start the race
  • Race: 9 hours (x1 progression)
● In-game time-of-day / Weather / rules information:
  • Practice at FRI 10:00 IGT - 32 degree average ambient temperature
  • Qualifying at FRI 14:00 IGT
  • Race starts at SAT 13:00 IGT
  • This time we are running with dynamic weather! We'll be running a setting of 0.3 cloud cover and 2 randomness, which should result in the following possible scenarios:

The weather scenarios are caclulated for 4 hour long sessions, so we might see a lot more variability!
  • Because of dynamic weather we have absolutely no idea what kind of track state we will end up with on the start of qualifying and race sessions - the game also simulates the weather changes during the time between the sessions, so all the rubber could be washed out by the rain before the race starts!
  • Maximum stint time of 65 minutes
  • Refuelling time fixed for all cars
Please sign up as a team of 2 or more (providing driver names, Steam Player IDs and team name). Preferred team driver count is 3.
To get the DriverID:

Go to:
Steam ID Finder
Steam ID Finder is a tool that allows you to find your steam ID quickly and easily.


Type in the users SteamID, and in most cases it should find the number:
You are looking for the steamID64 entry (16 digits)

Example team entry post:

  • Team name: [your desired team name, keep it civil - you can reuse your team name from the sprint league]
  • Car choice: [your car choice]
  • Car #: [choose your car number, range of 1-998, this will also overwrite the car number if you're using a real team livery]
  • Drivers:
Driver 1 (team leader):
  • AOR Forum ID: [tag the first driver with @Driver1]
  • Name: [the driver's first and last name; you can use your nickname or your real name]
  • ID: [steamid64 provided by using the tutorial above]
Driver 2:
  • AOR Forum ID: [tag the second driver with @Driver2]
  • Name: [the driver's first and last name; you can use your nickname or your real name]
  • ID: [steamid64 provided by using the tutorial above]

Please attach your SteamID with an "S" in front, eg. S76561198068667370.
Because of the potential amount of people involved in the race only one designated person from a team will be required to turn up for the driver briefing which will take place during the practice session. We're assuming that teams will use their own discords to communicate with each other, however since this is a community race teams are allowed to use the ACC voice channels for the race.

If you cannot see the AC Discord channel, please type in the 'Permissions request' channel that you need access to 'AC racers'
Game lobby password will be provided in Discord.

This time around we'll be using the new "CP" start procedure with a full formation lap.
The new start procedure assists the drivers in keeping proper distances by displaying an on-screen dial and on the S/F straight a 60kph speed limit is shown instead. During the formation lap collisions are disabled.

The last patch has introduced a lot of endurance-specific fixes, however, we'll set up a team practice server just like the last time around and ask of you to test some things, specifically:
  • Wet/dry tire changing
  • Tire pressure changing
  • Driver swaps in general
  • Driver stint times
● Track map:

Normal AOR endurance racing rules still apply, and we won't tolerate intentional wrecking or other misconduct on or off the race track. This is especially important due to the length of the race - remember, to finish first, first you have to finish!

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3-time AOR PC GT3 T1 Champion
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Feb 3, 2018
  • Team name: Jardier Community Team
  • Car choice: Audi R8 Evo
  • Car #: 39 custom livery
Drivers: Jardier
Driver 1 (team leader):

  • AOR Forum ID: Jardier
  • Name: Jaroslav Honzik
  • ID: 76561197973962892
Driver 2:
  • AOR Forum ID: Dalking
  • Name: Darren King
  • ID: 76561198854593427
Driver 3:
  • AOR Forum ID: Greko
  • Name: Grego Mackwewiockowickovski
  • ID: 76561198032848068
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Formula 4 1st Driver
Apr 26, 2018
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Jul 28, 2019
sorry, but our driver has pulled out so we will be unable to race
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Formula 4 Test Driver
Dec 30, 2018
Hi @krop
Just securing a spot for K.I.C Racing.
i’ll update with drivers - car - data once all is known.

enjoy the weekend !


3 times PC Project Cars 2 Champion
May 6, 2015
I'm up for joining a team!
Only really available for the final stint though (guessing about 20:30 if 3 man team doing 3h each)
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F1 Coordinator
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F1 Coordinator
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Sep 14, 2017
Team name: Goat Racing Malachite
Driver 1 (team leader):
  • AOR Forum ID :@RichyB
  • Name: R.Bens
  • ID: 76561198015493215
Driver 2:
  • AOR Forum ID: @Biolite80
  • Name: J. Kouzan
  • ID: 76561198388392903
Driver 3:
  • AOR Forum ID: @Shentar
  • Name: Shentar
  • ID: 76561198086507789
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Formula 4 1st Driver
Jul 26, 2019
Driver 1 (team leader):
  • AOR Forum ID: @Rgm12345
  • Name: Rgm12345
  • ID: S76561198135122444
Driver 2:
  • AOR Forum ID: @Rikka
  • Name: Rikka Takanashi
  • ID: S76561198171409895
Driver 3:

  • AOR Forum ID: @dejw_d
  • Name: Dawid Dlugokecki
  • ID: S76561198051364644
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Formula Karter
Jun 21, 2018
  • Team name: Fake Toyota
  • Car choice: Lexus
  • Car #: 13

  • Forum Name: @PhoB1a
  • Name: JC Grobler
  • ID: S76561198052188822

  • Forum Name: @TKRapt0r
  • Name: Righard Van Coller
  • ID: S76561198033340248

  • Forum Name: @Brufro
  • Name: Bruno Cadhile
  • ID: S76561198072424617

  • Forum Name: @Turbocharl
  • Name: Charl Wilken
  • ID: S76561198064357542
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AOR PS4 GT3 S10 Tier 3 Champion
Apr 26, 2018
I would be happy to join a team that is looking for a 3rd driver. Preferably the Aston V8.

Edit: team found
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Bechir Andrei

Pro Karter
Jul 27, 2019
Driver 1 (team leader):
  • AOR Forum ID: @Bechir Andrei
  • Name: Andrei Bechir
  • ID: S76561198052280180
Driver 2:
  • AOR Forum ID: @zGb
  • Name: Cristian Moisescu
  • ID: S76561197960385233
Driver 3:
  • AOR Forum ID: @Mihai_Rusu
  • Name: Mihai Rusu
  • ID: S76561198984392808
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Semi-Pro Karter
Sep 9, 2018
Driver 1 (team leader):
  • AOR Forum ID: @DungeonV
  • Name: Marco Rocco
  • ID: S76561198201864064
Driver 2:
  • AOR FORUM ID: @LoZac97
  • Name: Francesco Zacchè
  • ID: S76561198059448985
Driver 3:
  • AOR FORUM ID: @Mago96
  • Name: Nicolas Magoni
  • ID: S76561198804852717
Driver 4:
  • AOR Forum ID: @Torosani Luca
  • Name: Luca Torosani
  • ID: S76561199028425523
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S18 AOR PC Assist League 4 Champion
Oct 15, 2018
  • Team name: GP2 Shadow Racing Team
  • Car choice: McLaren 720 GT3
  • Car #: 777; custom livery
  • Drivers: @S4lty; @Kev 23; @André99

Driver 1 (team leader):

  • AOR Forum ID: @Kev 23
  • Name: Kev
  • ID: S76561198454697022
Driver 2:

  • AOR Forum ID: @S4lty
  • Name: S4lty
  • ID: S76561198337373171
Driver 3:

  • AOR Forum ID: @André99
  • Name: André
  • ID: S76561198302852660
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