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X360 AOR F1 2013 - Driver Factfiles


Formula 3 Test Driver
Apr 7, 2015
Yeah, definitely, but I barely use it. Currently, I am working in order to get a driving license. But now that backwards compatibility is out, I am gonna use it more :)


Semi-Pro Karter
Sep 30, 2015
Yeah i might be a bit late with this, but better late than never.
Real name: Sam
● Nationality: Dutch
● Controller input: Pad
● Preferred assists: none
● Started league racing: 2016
● Previous leagues: none
● Previous league accomplishments: so far in s10 of aor f1 2013 i have been scoring a few points my high being a sixth place at suzuka (seventh as I couldn't prove that the penalty was unfair as I didn't take a picture of the race director)
● Hopes for this season: To have nice battles and try to score points consistently, and heck racing in aor itself is amazing, I used to kinda look up to these drivers and now I can be a part of the league!
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