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X360 AOR F1 2013 - New Sign-Up Thread!

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Apr 1, 2016
good point there. I still think every f1 game has its weaknesses and advantages and all are the same. f1 2013 itself isn't perfect. I think the tire wear is over dramatized and could have been nerfed down a bit. personally I think the reason why I like f1 2014 is...well there is tons more competition from drivers. it is actually more rewarding to get on the podium on f1 2014 than just getting sidepod glitched or drive away and just feel like its time trial. and last but not least NOW THERE ARE STUPID NON CONTACT RACES EVERY TIME I PLAY A OPEN LOBBY ON F1 2013! SO IM GETTING NO REAL RACING AT ALL! and about the f1 2013 league if it goes. Shame because this league will suffer. im sure of it because sadly the new consoles are crazy expensive for some especially for me. I only managed to get my 360 A MONTH after the xbox1 came out. 2 YEARS AGO! and when I finally was able to get into here.....only f1 2013 was available. can I just say im desperate to find a league. GRID autosport, f1 2014 even forza 4 or shift 2. and I still cant find a league. its heartbreaking. now start the countdown where I finally get the xbox1....and its replacement is out! I cant go pc because this isn't my computer really it my uncles and Im not good with these types of things (only good at fixing tvs when they change input or source. I once helped a pub or something like that get the football back on) sorry I have to wine and complain. but I thought I could become the next big thing here. im still very young and could have many years ahead. don't worry though because as soon as I get something in which I can race in...im going to try and join it!

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Apr 4, 2016
AOR X360 F1 2013 League - Season 10
New Sign-Up Thread

Since the old sign-up thread got a bit messy and outdated, we have decided to set up a new one for mid-season sign-ups. The league is currently halfway through the season, but at the time of writing this there are a few driver spots available to be filled.

We are currently looking for at least 2 (possibly more) new drivers to race for the rest of the season!

Requirements for joining:
1. You must be able to race without any driving assists
2. You must respect AOR's league rules and be able to race cleanly
3. You must be able to attend the races on Sunday nights regularly until the end of the season
4. If you have not previously raced in the top AOR F1 league, you must also take part in a social race with some of the league's drivers in order to show that you have reasonable speed and are able to race in a competitive field without causing problems (more info on this below)

Social race info:
A social race will be held on Thursday nights at 8pm (UK time) for new sign-ups who have not previously raced with us, in order to evaluate their speed and race craft, and thus determine whether they are an appropriate fit for this league. The social race will always be held at the circuit of the next upcoming league race, and will be attended by some of the league's current drivers.

If you sign up and are asked to attend such a social race, add "TRL Limitless" on Xbox Live and he will invite you to the social lobby at the stated time.

These socials will presumably continue to be held as long as there are new drivers to evaluate, and until the open spots have been filled.

Additional info:
League Forum
League Rules
Race Calendar

How to sign up:
In order to sign up to the league, please reply to this thread with the following details:

  • Gamertag: [Enter your Xbox gamertag here]
  • Nationality: [Enter your nationality here]
  • Are you fine with racing with no assists? [Answer must be Yes]
  • Can you race on Sunday nights at 8pm? [Answer must be Yes]
  • Pingtest result: [Test your connection towards the UK Coventry server at pingtest.net and add your result here]

Sign-up list:
This list includes drivers who have signed up, but not yet been assigned to the league.

@Username - Gamertag - Nationality - Ping
@Dominoes12 - Dominoes 12 - Canadian - 133ms - *
@lewis zelch - fast shoot kill - English - 14ms - *
@Kyran Hensley - X Mr Skyline X - British - 91ms - *
@Guillaume Blanchet - Guiglet - Canadian - 100ms - *
@Snowyyy - SB Snowyy - South African - 44ms - *
@BleepBloopBOSCH - BleepBloopBOSCH - English - 11ms - *
@Ch33zyDr3amz - Ch33zy Dr3amz - English - 20ms - *
@KBlock78 - K Block78 - Dutch - 17ms - *
@foxeide - foxeide - German - 41ms - *

* = needs to take part in social race
* = social race completed

N/A = needs to post pingtest
XXms = worryingly high ping
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