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Dec 7, 2016
AOR Hype Energy F1 Leagues - Season 18
XB1 - Evaluation Race #6

For an introduction and some general information about the evaluation races, please read this thread.

If you are a driver signing up to the F1 Leagues, you only need to take part in one of the evaluation races. If you wish to take part in this one, please read the below info and reply to this thread with your Online Name!

All drivers have to complete one race.

This thread is only for main league sign-ups, see the alternate thread for assist league sign-ups.

Race Information:

Race Day: Sunday 4rd of August
Time: 8:00pm (UK time)

Track: Bahrain
Qualifying: Short
Distance: 50%

Assists allowed: Racing Line & Auto Gears (please use the assists you intend to use in the league races)

Lobby Settings:

The race will run the same settings as the league races (see here), apart from the following:

Weather: Clear
Safety Car: Off
Damage: Off*
Parc Ferme: Off**

*Note that damage being turned off does NOT mean that contact is allowed. This is purely to make sure everyone is able to get to the end of the race regardless of being caught up in incidents, and that drivers won't have to perform unscheduled pit-stops or off-the-pace lap times as a result of damage that may not have been their fault. But remember that contact is still enabled, so causing crashes with other cars will still lose you time, and also not give us a particularly good impression.

**Parc Ferme is disabled due to the glitch which can change the setup between qualifying and the race.

AOR Rules on clean and fair racing apply.

Post-Race Reporting:

After the race, you will need to go back to the main evaluation race thread and make a post following the template stated in the first post.

Make sure you remember to record your race director screen (showing your lap times throughout the race) at the end of the race!

Example Screenshots https://apexonlineracing.com/commun...ace-thread-season-16.44405/page-4#post-640358

How to take a screenshot:
PC: Press F12 (unless you changed that hotkey in your Steam settings).
XB1: Press the home button and then Y.
PS4: Press and hold down the 'SHARE' button until a notification pops up. Alternatively, press the 'SHARE' button and then press 'TRIANGLE' to save a screenshot.

Driver List:

If the amount of drivers on this night exceeds 20, multiple lobbies will be set up, with drivers being split by the responsible coordinators.

Cars will be first-come, first-served within the race lobby.

NOTE: On the results screen after qualifying & the race, please do not press advance. Only the lobby coordinator should be doing this.

Lobby host(s):
Lobby 1:
@Jamie183 - Gamertag: Jamie183
Lobby 2:
@Hayden_430 - Gamertag: LCR HAYDEN


Lobby 1
1. @katherinebwfc [xKATHERlNE x]
2. @xScottyyy [xScottyyy 15]
3. @grizzly bear90 [Grizzly bear90]
4. @ConstantRyan [ConstantRyan181]
6. @LGS469 [LGS469]
7. @ItsProulx [CathalP2001]
8. @TRL Martin [TRL Martin]
9. @Adamlee-23 [AdaaamLeee x]
10. @Callumg247 [Callumg247]
11. @Nathan Moore [CRG Moorso]
12. @Leoobot [Leoobot]
13. @Im_an_eagle [im an eagle69]
14. @IronWeasel54 [Iron Weasel 54]
15. @Jamie183 [Jamie183] (coordinator)
16. @Amazed oT [ESR Amazed]
17. @EVR Matt212 [Matt212 YT]
18. @Jack Carr Riley [riley boys10]

Lobby 2
16. @ILRT Button [ILRT Button]
17. @DannyF31 [DannyF31]
18. @Dragonpro_ [xxJackZzYTxx]
19. @Jonboy507 [Jonboy507]
20. @x EkKU x [x EkKU x]
21. @Blackstahill [Blackstahill]
22. @Peanut_07 [WOR Peanut 07]
23. @SnazzyEvening44 [SnazzyEvening44]
24. @Hayden_430 [LCR HAYDEN] (coordinator)
25. @DongerRang [DongerRang]
26. @JackClays [RSR Clays]
27. @LE Revolution [REV0LUTION 44]
28. @Shwiize [SHZ Shwize]
29. @Best Kiko [Best Kiko]
30. @the monkey pie [the monkey pie]
31. @Kyizi [SHZ Kyizi]
32. @Midzy [Midzy15]
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