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PS4 AOR F1 Round 4 Baku, penalty removal

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Apr 14, 2017
Platform/league: ps4, league 1
date: 04.11.2018
Members involved: @michaelangelo53, @Curly
description: It was the first lap on intermedience and i broke earlier than normally but while turning my fronts locked and i had to do everything in my abilities to not hit the wall. Due to the rain i couldnt use the run off because the grip was limited and i couldnt steer my car in that direction. Michael couldnt avoid me and hit my side (not his fault at all, he had no where to go) and our cars glued together and glitched me sideways. After that i tried everything i can do to get away from the track asap but the contact left my car in a really bad situation. Curly unfortunately had no where to go either and the game somehow decided not to ghost my car and he hit mine. After that i got a 5 seconds penalty for the incident which i couldnt avoid at all. I'm sorry to both of you and i tried everything to avoid the crash but the game decided to skip the ghosting and glued our cars together.
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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have reached the verdict of removal for this penalty, since this was caused due to the game's ghosting system not functioning correctly.

Closed @alexukr @Curly @SynTeTiC96.
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