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PS4 AOR F2 Canada spin

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Platform + League: PS4 F2
League Coordinator: @PedroPMF
Date: 8/11/20
Members Involved: believe it was @Yaskov_Dm
Description: At 54:12 I get turned in on/squeezed by Lr_Slimbo. This leaves me vulnerable to Kilcri who goes down my inside at T3. Good fair racing. I can see he’s trying to set a move for T6 so I go wide T5 to cover the inside. I then get hit from the inside (Kilcri is on the outside) by Yaskov. I then spin round and go to the back. Ruining my race


Semi-Pro Karter
My video. As i said after the race to Latus, and after that collision in the video (a bit of russian language) its my fault.

Not open for further replies.