PS4 - AOR F3 Round 7 - Canadian Grand Prix - 26/11/17 @ 8PM UK |

PS4 AOR F3 Round 7 - Canadian Grand Prix - 26/11/17 @ 8PM UK


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Feb 15, 2016
Q: 11th
Once again not happy with my quali performance...only 11.5 and i had easy 5 or 6 tenths in it...shame.

R: 11th provisional...possibly 8th without penalties
My race was ruined already in the first turn...two or three cars tangled up and i tried to avoid them but @zWoody made a contact with me and broke my endplate which gave me yellow wing...moments after that i'm kinda getting squeezed out and left part of the wing is getting damaged...
Ofc i had to pit and at that point i did put on Softs...which i probably shouldn't because Ultras would give me much more grip and time...oh well.
I actually had a decent times, but Soft really didn't work with a full fuel load in the car...they took some time to turn on but at that point i was battling with @xXVik-StarRxX and i was loosing so much time...
He finally got trough on a fresher tyres and after that i just decided to stay behind him and save some fuel and tyre life (at that point i was planing to go to the end on Softs) but then @xXVik-StarRxX starts to battle with some guys in front and again i'm loosing time behind them as it's very tough to make a pass when all of us are sharing DRS...
Somehow @iceman82100 who was 3-4 sec behind started to catch up on me (and cars in front) and he makes a pass on my as i was battling other cars in T1 and T2...fair play to him.

After all of that i had a better pace but then in L14 @iceman82100 makes a mistake coming out of the final chicane and leaves the door open on his inside line...ofc i'm going for it when he probably doesn't see me and turns into me...we totally went of the track in T1 and T2 and ofc i get another damage on my front wing which requires another pit...race ruined once again. I even got an 3 sec corner cut penalty and 5 sec stop and go penalty for corner another 8 sec time penalty for nothing.
I was fuming...went into the pits on SuperSofts to the end of the race...i drove some REALLY good laps...super consistent in low to mid 13s...i was probably fastest man on the track and at the end i finished P11 from P16.

So yeah...not a good race once again...once again i wasn't able to show my great pace due to careless driving of others and pure bad luck.

Pls look at the footage. I didnt turn into you !!
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