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PS AOR F5 Mexico - Harsh warnings removal

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Platform + League: PS4 + F5
League Coordinator: @Hasnain
Date: 01/13/20
Members Involved: @SamGamerOfficial
So in total I had 9 second time penalty. If I get those 3 odd warnings removed, I can be promoted into p1 and win the race...

Lap 19:
You can see I agree there my 4 wheels were slightly off the white lines but the thing is that I did realised it was an extension so I decided to sacrafice a lot of time by applying half of the throttle application and come back slowly back on track within the limits of the white lines, it still gave me a warning witch I was hugely dispointed about because I lost a lot of time even tho I slighlty extended the track limits but without gainning any advantage at all as you can see I came back within the limitations of the track and game.

Lap 20: Same BS scenarios than Lap 19, I did the exact same thing but I extended a little less more than lap 19 but I still gave up on my time and putted the same throttle application (50% on throttle only) and I clearly came back on the track within the white lines and was NOT on 4 wheels off white line before the braking zone to try not pick up another odd warning, but it still gave it to me witch was getting fustrating because it was totallt BS and it would not make my life easier to get an eventual 2nd win this season.

Lap 21: For some reason my wheel started to glitch at the end of the straight and was starting to go left by it owns and almost ended my race by colliding into the wall but when I luckly just add the control back I had to take evasive action to aviid the wall by any chance and picked up a warning BEFORE the braking zone lolllll. That one was the most ridicilous warning I've got so far in this game.

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I want to add one last thing for this enquiry.

Rule 1.3.2 says:

● The occasional misjudgement of a corner can happen, but if you accidentally gain an advantage by going outside the track limits you are expected to back off to an extent that clearly negates any advantage gained.

(100% respected this clear statement. Pls look the most carefully as possible, frame by frame if it is needed, this statement would apply for the 1st and 2nd warning only, the 3rd one was really an expection and odd at the same time, explained why already)

@Hasnain could you move this part as well please, would be apreciated mate. :)

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The stewards have looked at the footage and find no reason to remove either of the first two warnings. You are 4 wheels off of the track and no clear time loss is seen. If you want to show that you are negating an advantage you need to lift fully off of the throttle. While we would remove the third warning, it has no impact on the penalty total due to the number of warnings received. So no further action will be taken here.

Additionally, this isn't the first time you've made an enquiry like this @SamGamerOfficial , unless you've been pushed off of the track or have very clearly lost a noticeable amount of time by leaving the track, please do not appeal these warnings in the future as it will be the same result every time. It's simply wasting the stewards time, we would recommend focusing more on staying within the track limits.

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