Moved - AOR F6 PS4 Japan : 6 abusives times penalties for the game |

Moved AOR F6 PS4 Japan : 6 abusives times penalties for the game

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Feb 18, 2020

For the incident :

Coordinator : @Limaro_83
Track : Suzuka
League : AOR F6 PS4
Reason : Abusive time penalty
Drivers involved :
-ColinRMason (2 penalties)
-Tanguo66 (2 penalties)
-Lsd_High321 (1 penalty)
-DonkDanks (1 penalty)
Corner : turn 16 (last chicane)

I created a video to show you 6 abusives times penalties of the game (10 seconds instead of a warning normally).
I can create an other footage to prove you that we didn’t gain time, if you want.

For me, the penalty can be more than 3 seconds but it's to you to decide (I think if you change penalties, it can't be less than 3 seconds).

Footage :
Futhermore, I created an Excel file with 1 rank (current result) and a new ranked (If the time penalty goes from 10 sec to 3 sec).
I put an image of it :


Thanks in advance for your time guys.

See you
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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards agree that these penalties are harsh and will reduce them.

@tanguo66 penalties will be reduced by 17 seconds. @Donks and @pete day will have their penalty totals reduced by 7 seconds respectively.

@ColinRMason penalties have been dealt with in a separate enquiry.

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