AOR Formula 1 2018 S2 - Australian Grand Prix [29/09/2018] |

AOR Formula 1 2018 S2 - Australian Grand Prix [29/09/2018]

Sam Carpenter

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Nov 16, 2017
AOR Formula 1 2018 - Season 2
Round 1: Australia

Please discuss relevant topics in this thread, and if you have any specific questions then please contact a member of the rFactor team. Enjoy the race! Every driver in the league must allocate for each race of the season, by commenting on each race thread by 23:59 (UK TIME) the night before the race. Either "racing" or "not racing" - otherwise penalties will be applied - this is explained in section 5 of the rules here.

Saturday 29th September 2018
Time (UK): Qualifying 1: 6.30PM / Qualifying 2: 6.42PM / Warmup: 6:50PM / Race: 7PM
Qualifying Laps will be inspected by co-ordinators after the race

Albert Park
Race Length: 41 laps
Tyre Compounds:
Track Limit Exceptions: None. The GREY line, not the yellow line, defines track limits.

Drivers Attending:
@Sam Carpenter - Sam Carpenter
@RigorousTiger - Brandon Ohenlen
@ChazmR - Craig Baxter
@DannyTard - Danny Robbins
@Kevin Cox - Kevin Cox
@Iceberg - Jukkapekka Lalu
@MaCRacing13 - Matthew Clipp
@VSR Noah - Noah Chilla
@Villemacher - Adam Crane
@TicklishPicklewickle - Mads Jensen
@sergi28 - Sergi Heras
@Arttu Nieminen - Arttu Nieminen
@Innitialization - Nick Bracchi
@ZENiTH - Max Lister
@Lightcruiser - Ruben van den Hudding
@pkraus99 - Phil Kraus

Drivers not attending:
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