AOR Formula 1 S3 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix [18/05/2019] |

AOR Formula 1 S3 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix [18/05/2019]

Sam Carpenter

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Nov 16, 2017
AOR Formula 1 - Season 3
Round 4 - Baku

Every driver in the league must allocate for each race of the season, by commenting on each race thread by 23:59 (UK TIME) the night before the race. Either "racing" or "not racing"
- otherwise penalties will be applied - this is explained in section 5 of the rules here.

Please discuss relevant topics in this thread, and if you have any specific questions then please contact a member of the rFactor team. Enjoy the race!

Saturday 18th May 2019
Time (UK): Qualifying 1: 6.30PM / Qualifying 2: 6.42PM / Warmup: 6:50PM / Race: 7PM
Qualifying Laps will be inspected by co-ordinators after the race

Baku City Circuit
Race Length: 36 laps

Tyre Compounds: C5, C4, C3 (You MUST SELECT the correct compounds in the tuning menu before qualifying)

Grid Penalties:
James Costello - @Cozzie - 5 places
Sam Carpenter @Sam Carpenter - BOG
Alfie Lawrenson @Latsero - BOG
Sven Laumen @Pandacruiser - BOG
Philip Kraus @pkraus99 - BOG (Not attending rest of season - will have an indefinite penalty that will run out at the season finale)

Pit entry & track limits clarifications

- Cutting of the inside of the castle section is permitted.

- You may place 2 wheels on the inside red & white kerb on the INSIDE kerb of pit exit (touching the OUTSIDE kerb is still illegal - all 4 wheels must be within/touching the outside white line)

- At the chicane part of the entry, you are permitted to place 2 wheels over the white line to straighten the chicane.

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- WARNING - Although we give 5 second penalties for crossing the pit entry and pit exit lines at all tracks, at this track there will be another potential 5 second penalty administered if a driver crosses over the line then bails out back onto the track (think Raikkonen, 2016.) So don't try to slipstream someone who is pitting! Exceptions will be made if someone is squeezing you to the left, etc. We will judge each incident independently anyway.