AOR Formula 1 S3 - Monaco Grand Prix [25/05/2019] |

AOR Formula 1 S3 - Monaco Grand Prix [25/05/2019]

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Nov 16, 2017
AOR Formula 1 - Season 3
Round 5 - Monaco

Every driver in the league must allocate for each race of the season, by commenting on each race thread by 23:59 (UK TIME) the night before the race. Either "racing" or "not racing"
- otherwise penalties will be applied - this is explained in section 5 of the rules here.

Please discuss relevant topics in this thread, and if you have any specific questions then please contact a member of the rFactor team. Enjoy the race!

Saturday 25th May 2019
Time (UK): Qualifying 1: 6.30PM / Qualifying 2: 6.42PM / Warmup: 6:50PM / Race: 7PM
Qualifying Laps will be inspected by co-ordinators after the race

Circuit de Monaco
Race Length: 50 laps

Tyre Compounds: C5, C4, C3 (You MUST SELECT the correct compounds in the tuning menu before qualifying)

Pit Entry & Track Limits clarifications
- Placing TWO wheels over the pit exit line AFTER Turn 1 is permitted. Anywhere before that is illegal.

- Cutting across the slow lane at the start or end of the pitlane is only permitted with TWO wheels unless you are in a pit box near the end of the pitlane - either the first or second boxes from the end. If that is the case, you can fully cut into the slow lane.

- At the pit entry, you are allowed to have TWO wheels cut over the solid line due to how sharp it is.

- If a driver is found to be using barriers to their advantage to gain laptime, they will be penalised.


Pit entry.jpg

Pit Exit 1.jpg

Pit Exit 2.jpg

slowlane 1.png

slowlane 2.png

slowlane 3.png

slowlane 4.png

Grid Penalties:
Morgan Soum - @Morgan Soum - 5 Places
Hugo Tempez - @Endless - Pitlane Start
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