AOR Formula 3 Championship Season 2 - Round 12: Laguna Seca |

AOR Formula 3 Championship Season 2 - Round 12: Laguna Seca


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Jan 16, 2014
AOR Formula 3 Championship Season 2
Round 12: Laguna Seca

Date: 31st May 2019
Time: 19:20 BST Practice, 20:30 BST Qualifying, approx 20:40 BST Feature Race, approx 21:30 Sprint Warm Up, approx 21:45 Sprint Qualifying, approx 21:50 Sprint Race

Remember to let us know in advance in the absence PM if you are unable to attend the race!

Track: WeatherTech Raceway at Laguna Seca - Full Course
Date: 1st June 2019 Time of Day: 18:21
Weather: To be updated in comments


  • If my calculations are not mistaken, with drop weeks applied, Paul Ilbrink has taken the title in his rookie season. So congratulations to Paul on taking the title. This is the first time since Season 7 of the FR 2.0 that a driver outside of SimRC has taken the title in the open wheel leagues.
  • Assuming the calculations are mistaken... Lol, my bad. But I think it's all good.


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Teams Championship


David Santana

Pro Karter
Sep 13, 2018
Flawless season @RedBarom very well deserved Champion!

It has been a pleasure to race in AOR for i don´t know how long, but my journey ends here. I won´t take part in the next season.

Auf Wiedersehen!
a shame that not to be in the same grid that a great driver like you...hope you reconsider this option and return next season...all ways, you are a great champion mate!
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iRacing Coordinator
Jan 16, 2014
Congratulations to @RedBarom on taking the title this season! It's no easy feat to do it against the calibre of driver we had at the top this season, and 'toppling' the SimRC throne takes a lot of talent. Now can you defend it? ;)

Also, sad to see you are going @Osterkamp as you have been here a really damned long time, but at the same time, you've been here for a damned long time so it's probably about right to be taking a break. But it has been a pleasure to race with (or behind) you for what has been just over 4 years. Hopefully we see you back in the future! If you are going to be taking an extended leave, do take care of yourself, and maybe we'll see you around!

And finally, for the race night tonight... I'm just so happy to have gotten a win finally, and I felt like I did it mostly on pace as well (and some help from @TheSmoun). I think it's only my 2nd ever feature race win (maybe 3rd?) so they don't come around a lot, considering we've been doing this feature/sprint format for a about 3 years? Anyway, this felt like one of my better wins that I've ever had, so I'm very happy to end the season like this. @David Santana and no worries about the crash, it's so easy to do. Thanks for the apology, but it's all good! :)


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iRacing Coordinator
Jan 16, 2014
Also, I'll just share this brief battle @Osterkamp and I had in the sprint race! If that was to be the last wheel to wheel racing we have for a while, I'm glad it was a good moment! :p
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Double AOR iRacing GTE Champion
Mar 4, 2015
Wanna say congrats to @RedBarom for winning the championship as well!

And thanks to everyone for the season, somehow it was my most successful one so far in open wheelers, bit shocking really considering how crazy inconsistent it still was. That was also down to practice time and and not attending a few rounds though, so I'm fine with that. Definitely looking forward to the next one again. :)
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Erkka Lindstrom

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Dec 8, 2014
Thank you all for the season! Personally enjoyed this season a lot and have to be happy for p10 in the standings :), had consistent results and keep going better in the second half of the season. Grats to the Paul for title!


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Mar 5, 2019
Thanks for the nice words guys.
Having seen my teammate @Connor Ryan enjoying this series for I don't know how long and me searching a challenge on iRacing again after they axed the F1 WCS I signed up just to have some fun mainly.

Throughout all races I have had lots of fun and enjoyed the exciting battles on the track with the various fast people out here. Although I've been near the top of the standings throughout the season I never really felt like I had the pace to be actually fighting for the title. Looking at the insane pace of people like @Osterkamp, @Marcel Fassbender and @Ycoms I always thought I was a little short on speed, but by being consistent and almost always finishing in the top 5 was a massive help.

With 2 rounds to go I started working out the actual standings with taking drop weeks into account and it was amazing to see how close the top 3 was, with Marcel actually having a lead by a couple of points and Rene only being a handful behind me. Luckily we came up with a good competitive set at Watkins Glen which combined with SimRC's misfortune was enough to give me the title in my first season here.

To top it of I really have to compliment Connor for his hard work as well. He already had good weeks at Suzuka and Watkins Glen, but he was really shining here at Laguna Seca as shown in both races with 2 podiums and being able to fight hard with Rene for that p2 spot in the feature race. Thanks to that we were able to also get the Team title as well.

Anyway I really enjoyed this season and am looking forward to the next one. I'm sad to see that Rene is leaving as I was really looking forward to the opportunity of being able to battle with him again as I'm sure it would have been as close or even closer then this season.

Thanks for @McPhilen and the others for doing a top job of organising this whole circus and I'm looking forward to see all you out there back on track.

Marcel Fassbender

Junior Karter
Mar 7, 2019
Congratulations @RedBarom we had some nice races in the season was really good racing an alot of fun (y)

well im still ok with this season coming from GT Cars this being my first ever openwheel driving :ROFLMAO: but at the moment i dont know if i will dirve next season
or take a break from driving or maybe take a look at those dirt trucks

anyway the season was alot of fun and im sure we will see us again on track ;)
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Connor Ryan

Formula 4 2nd Driver
Jan 13, 2017
Congrats to my teammate @RedBarom on the title this season. It’s been a pleasure driving alongside you, definitely taught me a lot, and I’m happy to win the teams title.

I’m finally seeing these small Improvement with my driving, pace is better, but consistency is something that needs to be worked on, especially in a field like this. Sad to see @Osterkamp leaving, hopefully you will return in the near future, a driver of your quality will be missed.

I’ve really enjoyed this season, and I will be back next season (Shame about the the calendar though :s ) thanks to @McPhilen for organising this, great job as always.