AOR Formula 3 Championship Season 2 - Round 6: Suzuka |

AOR Formula 3 Championship Season 2 - Round 6: Suzuka

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iRacing Coordinator
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iRacing Coordinator
Jan 16, 2014
AOR Formula 3 Championship Season 2
Round 6: Suzuka

12th April 2019
Time: 19:20 BST Practice, 20:30 BST Qualifying, approx 20:40 BST Feature Race, approx 21:30 Sprint Warm Up, approx 21:45 Sprint Qualifying, approx 21:50 Sprint Race

Remember to let us know in advance in the absence PM if you are unable to attend the race!

Suzuka International Racing Course - Grand Prix
Date: 20th April 2019 Time of Day: 16:30
Weather: To be updated in comments


  • There's like, curves and stuff yo.
  • And a bridge
  • Yo


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iRacing Coordinator
Jan 16, 2014


73°F, Wind W @ 8 MPH,
Atmosphere: 10 RH,
Skies: Mostly Cloudy


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Jan 12, 2014
Sorry to everyone who got affected by the aftermath of my uncontrollable kerb bounce on lap 1 :cry:


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iRacing Coordinator
Jan 16, 2014
Sorry to @Steffen Herrmann and @TheSmoun for the double murders in the sprint race.

Race night was split into two halves. The first race was great, the sprint race was the opposite,

Qualifying, I thought I did a really good lap... which turns out was only good for 8th, which was completely baffling to me, but I tend to forget people somehow always manage to pull a lap out of nowhere in qualifying.

Race 1:

I did a really good race, in all honesty. I Had some good pace, some pretty consistent pace, and had a few good moves here and there, and was just about able to get passed @Connor Ryan in the second stint, which put me up to 4th. Overall I had a good time.

Race 2:

Fucked it. It started off really well, and then I binned it along with a couple of other people. Again, really sorry to anyone who was involved.


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Premium Member
Jan 27, 2014
Sorry to @Kez and others. When the crash in front of us happend I overtook 1 spinning car with some speed. After that I wanted to slow down but my VR froze and I saw a car right in front of me and steered to the left and hoped for the best. After my freeze was over I was in the wall. Very frustrating to have mechinal issues..


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Mar 5, 2019
Feature race:
Qualifying was a bit sloppy. Went all out on the chicane in the first lap as the rest of the lap seemed pretty fast for a first lap already, but messed it up losing 4 tenths.
The second lap was mediocre so had to do it all on the last one which wasn't anything special but good enough of P2.
Got a good start and with the battling behind had a comfortable gap to Rene and could really focus on my own driving without having to look back.
The pace between Marcel, Rene and myself was really close all race long, so gaps varied only by a few tenths each lap.
I ran wide on lap 11 at the exit of spoon which cost me a second or something, and towards the finish Rene managed to close the gap down to 0.4s but I managed to keep my position and finish 2nd.

Sprint race:
Similar to the earlier qualifying I was really on a good lap again, and with the 1-lap shootout format I decided to take it safe through the chicane. That worked out well, but I wish I had taken some risk there as I missed out on the pole by 0.004 to Marcel.
I got a really good launch of the line and got on the inside of @Marcel Fassbender going into T1. With the cold tires it was a bit of a gamble where to brake and I a bit too late and couldn't keep the car on the apex in T2 and ended up giving Marcel a nudge which dropped him back to third. Sorry for that :(
As the situation behind stabilized I had a 3s gap to Rene again and from there on it was just a matter of driving consistent and doing nothing crazy. Although he did reel me in a bit again it never became a big issue so I could follow up with another Sprint race win after COTA.

I'm very satisfied with this weekends performance, also a big compliment to @Connor Ryan for stepping up the game and getting two strong top 5 finishes which are a big help in the team championship and of course @RangerPhenix for getting a couple solid finishes in his first race meeting here. (y)
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