AOR Formula 3 Championship Season 3 - Round 5: Mosport |

AOR Formula 3 Championship Season 3 - Round 5: Mosport


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Jan 16, 2014
Overall I feel very good about that. It's a shame the sprint race went away from me, but sometimes that happens in racing.

Race 1: Qualified 2nd, which I was very happy with. I was within a tenth of pole as well, so it was very close out there. The actual race was a strange one. It mostly felt like a race of attrition, but it also felt like I had to push most laps as well, so the entire race felt pretty on the edge. I could finally start to take it easy in the last few laps when I was sure I had a big enough gap. I think it would probably have been easier if I didn't have to avoid about 5 cars spinning directly in front of me, but that just made it more exciting ;) But damn, very happy with the win. I struggled the last few races with outright pace, so to take the win, and to have the pace with that as well... Probably one of my better wins in terms of just out right pace and consistency.

Race 2: Qualifying was even closer, being just 0.022 behind pole, which was once again taken by @n0body_. Good job with that! The race itself was kind of interesting. It started off really well. I dropped behind @lukebarton who had a mega start, and then I was able to get back passed, and soon @Charlie9000 followed. I then made a mistake which allowed both of them through. I tried to fight back against Luke but we had an unfortunate touch which put me on the grass and spinning, which also collected @NHR-Gaming which was a bit of a shame. Anyway, from there it was just all about fighting back for whatever I could, which was actually quite fun because in the end it became a race of just flat out charging through the field. I felt like I had incredible pace, and was able to make up quite a few positions. I dropped to 19th and finished 11th, which isn't too bad in the sprint race I think. I was probably a couple of laps away from getting 9th as well. But I did set the fastest lap, so I get to take that away from the race. I had the pace to be fighting for the win in the race, and would have loved to have potentially scored a double, but sometimes it doesn't quite go your way.

We're at CotA next, where it feels like I've had pretty good pace so I'm looking forward to that. I actually kind of enjoy the track in this car as well, which is something I didn't think I'd ever say...


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Aug 20, 2017

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