AOR Formula 3 Championship Season 4 - Sign-Up & Info [CLOSED] |

AOR Formula 3 Championship Season 4 - Sign-Up & Info [CLOSED]

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Sign-ups for Season 4 are now Closed, as we are approaching the end of the season.

If you wish to join in future, keep your eyes peeled for week 13.


Hello, and welcome to the Apex Online Racing Formula 3 Championship.

Last season of our F3 league saw a hotly-contested battle, as 9 drivers took race wins across the 12-round season. Despite Phil Reid and Luke Barton's best efforts, the title was claimed by an emphatic Paul Ilbrink, who helped Radicals Online take the teams' championship. After 2 seasons away, we're keen to bring back our celebrated F3 league to AOR.

Please make sure you read all of the info in this post before signing up.

General Information:

What day and time do events start? The race nights will begin every Friday from 18:40 UK time (GMT), with qualifying commencing at 19:50 UK time (GMT), and the feature race at 20:00 UK time (GMT). You're expected to be in the session by 19:45 UK time (GMT). Please note, this will change to BST on March 29th, but the times will remain the same (i,e the race nights will begin at 18:40 BST).

When will the season start? The first race of the season will being running on the first week of the 20S2 iRacing season.

What is the race calendar? The race calendar follows the official iRacing schedule. Full calendar here.

Is there a fee for competing? AOR does not ask for a fee to race in the F3 league. You can compete, and have your livery featured on our broadcast, absolutely free-of-charge. However, any donations would go towards server hosting and providing the broadcasts, and would be greatly appreciated. You can donate here.

What are the entry requirements? You will need to have a road licence class of C or above. You are free to sign up during pre-season regardless, but you will be denied entry upon the start of the season if you do not meet the requirement.

If you are new to the series, we will check to see if you are suitable for the league, which will be dependant on having done a sufficient amount of racing in the car (or a similar car) at a reasonable pace. Typically, those under 1500 iRating will be checked, and those below 2000 iRating will have a less extensive check.

How do I register as part of a team? Simply state your team preferences in this thread - the name of your team and the driver you're teaming up with. There will be a maximum of 2 drivers per team at any one time. Drivers can be changed during the season but this will need to be authorised by the League Coordinators.

How many spaces are available? There will be a maximum of 36 spaces, with a reserve list (maximum of 10 at one time). If all of the spaces have been allocated, the sign-up thread will be closed until a seat has been vacated.

What happens if I'm on the reserve list? All drivers on the reserve list will be added to a private conversation where they have the opportunity each week to state whether they are able to race. The League Coordinators will then confirm your place in the race depending on the amount of full-time drivers who are unable to participate. Whenever a full-time driver pulls out of the league, the reserves will be approached to fill that spot. Please keep active on the forums in order to receive these messages and accept any promotions. Members that are inactive on the forums will be removed from the reserve list.

Can I participate in a 'one off' race? We will not be accepting one-off 'wildcard' entries for drivers who wish to dip their toe in the water. It's recommended that you get to know the car in the official iRacing series before committing to the league. Once you sign up, you are expected to participate consistently.

How is the Championship structured? The Championship consists of 12 feature/sprint races, running every week, starting from the Friday of week 1 of the 20S2 official schedule.

For this season, there will be 2 drop weeks - your 10 best feature/sprint combined scores will be counted to your points total.

Race night format?
● 70-minute practice session
● 10-minute qualifying (maximum 3 laps allowed)
● 40-minute Feature Race (mandatory tyre-change pit-stop)

● 10-minute practice session
● 5-minute qualifying (maximum 1 lap allowed)
● 25-minute Sprint Race

More details can be found in the rules thread

Are setups permitted? The championship is open to all setup modification.

What is the points system? Points are awarded to the top 20 finishers in the Feature Race, and the top 16 in the Sprint Race (provisionally). In addition to the normal points system for finishing positions, 1 additional point is handed out for pole position (Feature Race only) and fastest lap. Additionally, 2 points will be awarded for completing the race with 0x incident points, and 1 point will be awarded for completing the race with 1x incident point.

Full details on points scoring can be found in the rules thread.

Will there be any coverage of the races? We expect to have live broadcasts for the races on the official AOR YouTube channel. For drivers to have their skins appear on the coverage, they will need to upload their skins to us to be put into a skin pack. Should a livery not be uploaded to the skin pack, the driver will be shown on broadcast as driving a default livery.

Will my livery be featured on the broadcast? We will not be using Trading Paints on the broadcast. Therefore, if you want your livery to be featured, then it must be submitted, free-of-charge, via our Skin Pack. This is so our graphics team can enhance the visuals of the stream.

How to Sign-Up:

Priority will be given to drivers who completed 6 full race nights from the last season of the Formula Renault 3.5. The priority deadline is set to Monday 9th March 22:00 GMT.

Sign up by posting your details in this thread using the following format:

Number preference* - iRacing name + Forum name - Nationality - Team (if applicable) - Customer ID - iRating - Licence (C or above) - Have you read and understood the rules?

For example:
#44 - Phil Reid @McPhilen - UK - Team AOR Orange - 106205 - 4480 - A4.82 - I have read and understood the rules

*Car #1 is reserved for the AOR Formula 3 Season 3 Champion.
Number priority will be given to last season's drivers that achieved priority status.

After your sign-up has been accepted, you will also need to sign up to the league on iRacing itself. Link here.

Driver List:

Below is the list of drivers who are currently signed up:

In yellow are the double-digit driver numbers that are already taken. Please choose a number in green, or a 3-digit number that has not been taken.

Waiting List (in order of sign-ups):
@Paul Joseph Clist
Drivers placed on the waiting list are not actively eligible to race, but will be offered the chance to move up to the reserve list when any spots open, or upon completion of the license promotion/performance review.
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#86 - James J Pinsker @SMEAJ - UK - Team Tepa - 380916 - 5000 - A1.43 - I have read and understood created the rules

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Hey all. I know that the Skin Pack is optional, and i just want to remind you all that, if you want your car's skin to be shown on broadcast, you will have to send it in :D
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