AOR Formula Renault 2.0 Championship S10 - Round 1: Okayama |

AOR Formula Renault 2.0 Championship S10 - Round 1: Okayama


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Jan 16, 2014
AOR Formula Renault 2.0 Championship Season 9
Round 1: Okayama

15th June 2018
Time: 19:20 BST Practice, 20:30 BST Qualifying, approx 20:40 BST Feature Race, approx 21:30 Sprint Warm Up, approx 21:40 Sprint Race

Remember to let us know in advance in the absence PM if you are unable to attend the race!

Okayama International Circuit - Full Course
Time of Day: Morning
Weather: To be updated in comments


- Season 10 will be the first season where the tyres will be the required change in the pit-stops, rather than the fuel.
- Are you aware that Okayama is in Japan?
- Japan is a country that is in the Football World Cup. This will be the first time running a season (PM/FR 2.0) that will have part of it occur during a world up.
- The above point is a point so useless, even I don't know why it's included.
- Whilst typing this out, I'm drinking some 25p off brand Cola, just to see what it's like, and I've decided that it was a mistake.
- Rene's championship win is the 2nd largest gap to 2nd we've seen in the 14 seasons run so far, and is the largest in the feature/sprint race era.
- The largest championship win was season 3 of Formula Renault, where Jouni Silvasti beat Phil Reid by 133 points. Jouni did not finish lower than 2nd that season.
- The closest championship is still season 4 of Formula Renault, where Jeroen Kweekel finished 1 point ahead of Jouni Silvasti.


Season to start


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Jan 16, 2014
I've posted this race thread early (for the newcomers, expect them on Tuesday usually) so that I can post the tiers for people so they can see which tier they'll be in. I've updated the exact parameters on what it takes to be a part of a certain tier to hopefully get the best competition in each of the tiers. Again, tier 1 isn't actually a tier that has it's own separate championship, so it's just as a formality.

Tier 1

Rene Osterkamp
Patrick Kessler
Phil Reid
Charlie Summers
Eneric Andre
Mark Ussher
Kristian Takacs
Manuel Heuer
Josh Thompson
Kerry Knowlden

Tier 2

Lubomir Moric
Glenn Key
Erkka Lindstrom
Steffen Herrmann
Alexey Sirotkin
Evan Imray
Sara Dove
Daniel Morris
Connor Ryan
Jiri Mojak
Luke Barton
Scott Newton

Tier 3

Robert Plumley
Alistair Hay
Tom Van Heumen
David Buitelaar
Bruno Domiter
Joseph Ringrose
Marvin Sluman
Jordan Pearce
Andrew Woodhouse
Sam Blackwood

To all the reserves, I will be adding you guys into the reserve PM soon, and to the full time drivers, you'll be added to the absence thread soon.

For the rookies, I'll possibly be having the rookie championship after all, however that will depend on whether the table works from the get go or not.

Tagging all sign-ups. If there's anyone missed (not including the newcomers) let me know.

@Ryan Walker @David Buitelaar @Allyhaze @Sisuvoima10 @lukebarton @Adam Hedgecock @VRT Ringrose @tubsymalone @heuer91 @t3hmightymidg3t @Patrick Kessler @Osterkamp @Era @Kez @Marvin @Josh Lad @Connor Ryan @Robert Plumley @J.Thompson @Lubomir Moric @Tom Edwards @Jaskin71 @Tommy-Tum @GlennKey78 @John Roberts @alexsplanet @Erkka Lindstrom @MatteAce @Erti147 @Rin Hato @Steffen Herrmann @Rcfly3r1 @Charlie9000 @Daniel Morris @Scott Newton @Stephen Baxter @NickStuart189 @smilen @N1kmido @Diego Rdguez Alondo @woody2goody @Synergi @Bruno Domiter @Gunar Nijenhuis @Mark Ussher


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Aug 26, 2014
I'm glad the first and last corners are named as that respectively. It would be so confusing without it.
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Sep 17, 2016
Oh dear, guess I have a lot of work to do the upcoming weeks. I didn´t expect to be a frontrunner this season but I´m way too far off the pace right now. ?


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Jan 16, 2014

69°F, Wind S @ 5 MPH,
Atmosphere: 27 RH,
Skies: Mostly Cloudy


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May 14, 2018
i am a bit confused?!?! have i made the race tonight or am i on the reserve list?!?! Its doesnt take much btw !


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May 27, 2018
hi guys, I've applied to the league in iRacing but it didn't go through yet. I know it's super late but iracing being offline the whole day really cut me off.
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Sep 17, 2016
That was really good! P13 and P10 for my debut isn´t that bad at all as I was expecting a lot worse after yesterday´s practice. Especially the sprint race was a cracker when I had a little bit more confidence in the car and could actually fight for my position. What a shame though as I almost lost it out of the final corner on the penultimate lap sitting in P7. Managed to save it but I dropped 3 spots. :pigeon:

Nevertheless I enjoyed it 100%, cheers for the entertainment (much cleaner than official races btw ?) and looking forward to the next races!


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AOR Admin
Jan 14, 2014
i lost my brain on lap 1 of feature and though I'd untick the tyres cos I'd only done 1 lap.... 'not worn the tyres out much have I'.... mong


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Jan 16, 2014
Overall, a very strong race night in terms of results. Very happy with where I finished both races, but I was incredibly disheartened, but also incredibly impressed, at the pace of the SimRC guys. It really did feel like I won class B, the pace up front was insane, especially from @Osterkamp. We haven't seen that pace since the likes of Jouni, Jeroen and Justin. Unreal stuff.


Pretty poor, but very close to those just ahead. Happy enough to be top 10 in the end really, with how slow I felt in terms of raw pace. The practice session felt pretty great in terms of consistency, but yeah, just no real overall pace.

Race 1: Pretty standard affair really. Picked up positions from others mistakes, and ended up 4th. Kept it really consistent, no mistakes and in the end people dropping off meant i finished 4th. There were periods of time when faster cars were trying their luck to get passed, but then either pit stop strategies (which seemed to work relatively nicely?), or fights between them, I was able to stay where I did. Really, it should have been 5th and @Kez should have finished 4th which would have been a great result for AOR Orange, but unfortunately the car bit him at the final corner.

Race 2: Really fun race, great finish and a whole lot of overtaking. I had a couple of hairy moments, and a really unfortunate one with @Osterkamp which is a massive shame. Had a super hairy one with @Robert Plumley into the hairpin, sorry about that one as well. Applied the brakes just too hard and almost wrecked it into you, so great job avoiding that! Other than those though, the race was really fun. The rest of the overtakes were either really nice or relatively straight forward to move up the field. Some good racing out there with some of the new guys as well, so that was fun!

Overall, very happy with the results, very disappointed with the pace difference to the front guys but sometimes that's just how it goes. This track is quite unique I think, so hopefully in the future it will be much closer, or at least we can put some sort of pressure on Rene and not make it so easy.


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Mar 4, 2018
A lot of points lost, because of 2 race :(

Race 1: Quite good race with 0 INC and I am happy with the result. Tried early pit stop, when I saw Luke Barton catch four of us. Did the pit stop to avoid battle and risk. It seems tactics works pretty well, as Luke, Charlie and Kerry crashed in front, when I was pitting.

Race 2. Totally crazy race. Dive Bombers are crazy. Two dive bomb to me from slower drivers and I am DQ :(

SimRC pace was incredible, but still not bad for me as it is only 2 season in AOR and 5 month of driving this car. Still need to understand how to properly setup this car.

Will try to keep the same or better pace in Monza. Hope I will consistently battle with elite top drivers soon :)