AOR Formula Renault 2.0 Championship S10 - Round 2: Monza |

AOR Formula Renault 2.0 Championship S10 - Round 2: Monza

David Buitelaar

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Aug 25, 2017
Congrats @N1kmido , in feature race i was constantly on the same gap, i stole your spot on the last lap. That brings me by the sprintrace, i was there to battle you ,was nt it for @Lubomir Moric who outbraked himself and touched my rear at the 2nd chicane. If not i could have even won the race. Next time maybe my lucky n° will show up. I hope a next week finish. @McPhilen, what white line are you talking about? The one close to the pitwall?
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Feb 5, 2017
First of all, very happy to have a spot straight away for my comeback on this Iracing league with a bit more experience this time but still quite far from the best guys ?

Q : I managed to do my PB on this track in 1.48.0 but I binned it on my 3rd attempt in the Lesmos and could have maybe improved a bit. But still "only" 1.5 sec is better than I expected

R1 : Unfortunately, there was a big pile up at the first chicane and I didn't manage to avoid a car parked in the middle of the track and got front wing damage. From that point, my top speed suffered massively and I was a sitting duck on the straights and Monza is probably one of the worst track to have your front wing damaged. I was 5 seconds a lap slower compared to my PB every lap but I tried to stay in case I could get reverse grid pole by luck. I was happy to pit and change my front wing to be able to have the full car potential even though I was quite far back and I finished P22 a lap down

R2 : I managed to keep my front wing in good shape and I gained a few positions, some of the overtakes were made because some guys had front wing damage and they couldn't defend at all with that. Managed to go up to P10 but I lost the car in the 2nd chicane ( Variante Della Roggia ) and went down to P20 ?? Very frustrated about that mistake which cost me points
Lost P20 on the last corner of the last lap with a brilliant switchback overtake from @Kez . I tried to protect the inside but he took a lot of speed and managed to get me in the end fair and square ?

I hope I didn't make the commentators suffer too much with my last name ?

Looking forward to the next round in Nürburgring and i hope i will have a spot for this one too ?
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