AOR Formula Renault 2.0 Championship S3 - Round 2: Bathurst |

AOR Formula Renault 2.0 Championship S3 - Round 2: Bathurst


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Jan 13, 2014
Fairly chuffed with that :) could have been a bit better but could also have been alot worse.

Never expected to qualify 3rd, I'm guessing i was just as surprised as some if you were.

Knew i was slow off the line and had a slim chance of keeping 3rd so just took it easy at the start. Kerry, phil and christian all passed me but kerri and christian fortunately spun at the worst places to spin so they were out of it. Managed to catch back up to Phil and attempt to take 3rd back but we had a wee tangle that gave me some damage. Held the gap until the pits but lost 8/9 seconds with repairs costing me 4th too Patrick. I then had a moment at the dripper and hit the wall on lap 21 so had to nurse the car home with a bent wing and RF suspension. Lost 5th to Rene on lap 25 and had another moment at the dripper....shat myself so crawled home.

Given my results over the past season and a half im happy with 6th
Hopefully i can keep it up and smash jakes prediction of 24th for the season.

Well done Jouni youve got unbelievable pace. Well done to Michael and Phil also for rounding off the podium.
You really went toooooo infinityyyyy and beyond :D nice race there bud I need better finishes also so we can aim for a top 5 in the constructor championship :D
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Jan 16, 2014
Well, my race was just a typical Bathurst race for the most part. Trundle around a bit off my outright pace and try to take advantage of other peoples mistakes. This time it gave me another Bathurst podium which I'll take considering (not unlike some others), doing basically no practice until the session.

Qualifying was much better than expected, but also not as good as it could have ended up being. I thought there was a chance for 4th (with the front 3 being too fast), but just couldn't make the most of it, and got beaten by @Tye 'Bathurst Master' Macleod (although this may be doing injustice as Tye seems to have found pace again which is great news), and @Christian Koch, to take 6th.

Start was good. @Kptk92 helped me get passed Christian down into turn 2 by giving me slipstream and it worked. At the end of the lap, he passed Tye which gave me a run as well to pass into T1. After that, I was keeping good pace with Kerry until he spun at turn 4 on lap 4, which gave me 3rd. After that, I was just trying to be consistent and not crash, but did keep making mistakes (probably a virtue of limited practice), and allowed the supreme Tye Macleod to catch up. On lap 14 I think, I made a mistake at the final chicane, which saw me run slightly wide and onto the kerb which was sure to spin me around, so I hit the brakes to stop it spinning into the path of Tye. Unfortunately we had a little tangle, which caused Tye to have damage. It felt so minor I thought we'd both gotten away with it, but unfortunately after the pits I realised he must have damaged his front wing. Sorry about that Tye. Would love to see us battling again in the future though!

Anyway, race was pretty much done from there. I spun on lap 24 though at the final corner which I saved from hitting the wall but lost a chunk of time. Not enough to be worried about though. In the end, 3rd and a pretty decent start to the season once again. Unfortunately, @lokitekki is supremely fast. Congratulations on another win. Also congrats to @Mitti87, another Bathurst king, on 2nd place.

Onto the next track. Road America is an odd one for me. I don't really get on with lower down force circuits, but I do like this track, but even so, I don't expect too much from myself. Also, hopefully we have a repeat of season 3 in the Star Mazda, where we have 4 different side by side finishes over the line.
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Jan 12, 2014
Basically the same story for me as in Laguna Seca. Was lacking pace due to lack of practice, but kept it nice and clean in the first part of the race and got into a solid top 10 position thanks to others' mistakes. Then I made two major mistakes of my own and dropped down the field. Ended 12th in the end.

Annoying that Friday has turned into such a busy day for me, as it's completely ruined my practice rythm from previous seasons!

At least it was my 17th race in a row without a DNF... 8 more and I match Steve's record of 25 :wtf:


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Aug 13, 2016
I have to say that this is pretty boring car to have these long races, because this has no tyre wear and pitstop is pointless. Mp4-30 would be exiting, maybe even with fixed setup. Then race distance that both 0 and 1stop would be possible :D


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May 26, 2014
I have to say that this is pretty boring car to have these long races, because this has no tyre wear and pitstop is pointless. Mp4-30 would be exiting, maybe even with fixed setup. Then race distance that both 0 and 1stop would be possible :D
Bathurst isn't the best circuit for racing in open wheel cars tbf. There'll be better quality racing at pretty much any other circuit we go to this season.

Also, the MP4-30 is great. It's my favourite car to drive on iracing.

Steve Kagerer

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Jan 4, 2015
Went with a no downforce setup and it was working great but my evil side decided that I could probably go faster and gain some spots that were way ahead of me, stupid! :banghead: stupid! :banghead: stupid! :banghead: . I tagged the wall a bit and it threw the car out of whack so I pitted way early and it didn't fix it,why not eh iracing? Did a few laps and the front damage caught me out and I crashed, pitted to fix it and this time it was back to brand new. Was pretty upset at myself for pushing so hard when I saw a chance for a spectacular race and it cost me a guaranteed 8th place finish, ended up 15th I think :cry:. Congrats to all the finishers.

At least it was my 17th race in a row without a DNF... 8 more and I match Steve's record of 25 :wtf:
NOOOOO!!! Don't take the only thing I have!

Ryan Walker

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Sep 2, 2016
That was probably the best fun I have had in the Formula Renault since I started racing the car and was great fun last night.

Qualifying I screwed my 1st lap up then decided to take it easy and see where I ended up qualifying and done two good laps which put me in the top 10 in 8th place which I didn't expect.

Got off to a good start in the race and just aimed to do what I done at Laguna Seca and settle into a groove and just lap at a pace I was comftarble with. Didn't look in my mirrors for the early stages of the race then when I did I seen a huge traffic jam behind me and thought to myself "Jarno Trulli would be pround" :p

Had a couple of hairy moments having to avoid spun cars and have to apologize to anyone behind me that had to avoid me or hit me up the back. Got going again and just decided to take it easy incase I had damage then pitted earlier than expect to see if I had any damage and not lose to much time.

The rest of the race I was pretty much by myself so just decided to take it easy and bring it home as I had a big enough gap behind me and was struggling with the car as my set up didn't feel the same as it was all week.

Another top 10 finish I am happy with and did not expect to be sitting in 8th place in the driver standings.

Can't wait for Road America.
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Nov 24, 2014
Not a fan of Bathurst, easily up there with Monza as one of my least favourite tracks in the world to drive on.

I didn't really get much practice in and it showed with my pace, even if I got the perfect lap in quali, I would be like 25th or so.. But I was just being consistent throughout the race and tried for that no incident race again.. Which was going well, until I locked up very slightly going down hill and hit the wall very slowly and it destroyed my car :blackeye: Big sorry to @Krusen for just being in the way when it happened, very unlucky!

I don't have Road America (or the next 4 for that matter) but I'll buy three of the tracks soon so I will be there next week, hopefully back up the grid a bit more :D

Gunar Nijenhuis

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Sep 2, 2015
And literally ALL of the comments made before this are the reason I refuse to drive this track in an openwheel car....


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Jun 26, 2015
Personally i loved this car/track combo. The mountain section was tough and brutal if you braked just a little too hard but its one of the most fun and rewarding tracks to drive.