AOR Formula Renault 2.0 Championship S4 - Round 11: Motegi |

AOR Formula Renault 2.0 Championship S4 - Round 11: Motegi


AOR iRacing FR2.0 Season 3 Champion
Aug 13, 2016
I finally got the pole, it has been close many times but that what you get when the laps are not fast enough :D
First race was intense and i was too nervous the whole race so i couldn't keep up with Jeroen. Taking the lead in the pits was a miracle. Sprint race was fun and there was no pressure so the driving felt better too.
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Mark Forte

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Oct 9, 2016
Great race last night carnage in both feature and sprint I manage to avoid the big off in the the first race then stupidly went off all by myself and sorry that I collected Lauren's on my rejoin schoolboy error my setup was horrendous wY to much downforce and overly stiff front suspension faired better in the sprint didn't actually overtake anyone ( normal for me lol) but finished cleanly which is my objective speed and race craft will come later (hopefully) congrats to the winners and hope to race with you in the finale


GP2 Test Driver
Jun 26, 2015
Really wasnt expecting a good result here so uf you offered me 7th and 4th before the race I'd have clutched it like golem.

After i mucked up my quali was just looking for a decent recovery didnt start to well as i hooked my 2 left wheels on the kerb. That dragged me off into the gravel but managed to rejoin the track without losing too much positions. Managed to gain a few before the big crash where my engineer basically came across the radio "There's a fan up ahead. **** has hit it." That put me up to 8th or 9th so was pleased but felt bad for @Lorrentz getting caught up in it you had great pace here mate really unlucky not to score good points. After that was a straight fight between me and @Rin Hato for 7th, a couple of mistakes and damage from nowhere cost me the position a couple of times but luckily had the pace to catch up and benefit from a mistake before the end.

In race 2 it was all about finishing. Jereon and @lokitekki caught up very quickly so let them by to do their own thing. Was nevergoing to catch up to the top 3 so just focused on getting past Knut, Janick and Jarno before Adam caught up. Thankfully Janick and Jarno held him up so i was able to make a gap.

Really fun nights racing had a blast so thanks to everyone and well done to the podium finishers from both races. See you all at road america for the finale :)
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Double AOR iRacing GTE Champion
Mar 4, 2015
Partly very happy after yesterday, on the other hand side pretty much the story of my season: One good race, and no points in the other.

Was very surprised with my qualifying position and was obviously very lucky to avoid that crash just ahead of me on L3. After that both me and Adam knew we'd just need to keep it on the road, then we should stay in P4/5, which we did. Couldn't have played out any better for us.
Tried to approach the sprint race cautious as per usual and didn't really make many places up in the first couple of laps. Then I binned it on the last corner as I hit the kerb too hard and spun straight into the wall, too much damage to continue.

22 points, one of my best weekly scores this season, which is maybe a Little disappointing since I keep constantly improving on pace, but I really didn't expect to be within a second of the frontrunners towards the end of my first season, so I'm pretty happy about and hope I can finish the season off reasonably well. :)
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Rin Hato

AOR Space Race Champion
Oct 17, 2016
I did so much better than I ever expected. Qualified 16th with a slow lap, made a few positions around the outside of turn 1 and almost closed my eyes coming into the crash at turn 3. As soon as I saw it I thought "this is me dead now, game over" but I drove straight through and came out in 6th...

I didn't have the pace to keep @camo or @Tye behind me and finished 8th. In a feature race. So, very very pleased.

The sprint race didn't go so well. I probably should have pitted to fix the damage, as that's what Godin did and was much faster than me in my wounded car.

Up and down overall, but a top ten in a feature race in my first season is amazing. I fully expected to be at the back of the pack when I signed up but I've impressed even myself aha


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Aug 26, 2014
In practice on Thursday, I could manage lowish 16's easy. But come yesterday I just couldn't get the time in. Setup felt fine, but it just wasn't hooking up like it did on Thursday.

Qualified lower down than I'd hoped. Made up quite a few places at the start, and crucially getting ahead of those I'd called out as rivals, Fisi/Plumley etc.

Really capitalised on the lap 3 carnage, picked my way through nicely and ended up in the top ten after passing an obviously damaged Osterkamp.

Had quite a boring race from there on, even after I pitted I was in 9th, which was pretty exciting but I knew I'd got Jean and a no longer damaged Rene chasing me down. Ultimately let them both get ahead, I wasn't blowing a great 11th place for the sake of it.

Took a different tactic in the sprint race. Rather than all out defending, I took the Fisi plan, gradual fall down the pack, losing as little time as possible.

Unfortunately there are some drivers who I just enjoy holding up and fighting because I don't get to fight them normally and other reasons. Both Jereon and Jouni got passed quite quickly, which was annoying. And then when other people caught up, I made a stupid and let them go.

And finished 11th in that too.

Solid couple of races for me. Enjoyed it.

By my maths, the fight between Kinduci and Team Terrapin is pretty close, so all eyes are on them for the final round. I'm even letting @The Genius try! We may also take Koch by surprise and beat him to the finish right at the end. #ooohhh