AOR Formula Renault 2.0 Championship S4 - Round 3: Okayama |

AOR Formula Renault 2.0 Championship S4 - Round 3: Okayama

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AOR iRacing Statman
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May 18, 2016
Lap Leader Stats
Feature Race: Preto - 21, Silvasti - 8
Sprint Race: Godin - 8, Plumley - 7, Martinsen - 2, Cowey - 1
Season Top 5: Kweekel - 46, Silvasti - 29, Nijenhuis - 22, Preto - 21, Cowey, 12
Total Laps: 150
Godin - 8, Plumley - 7, Tierney - 3, Martinsen - 2
Note: Plumley and Preto become new lap leaders :D

Gunar Nijenhuis

F1 1st Driver
Sep 2, 2015
Quali was bad, luckily I did a banker lap in lap 1 but definitely should've been pole.
Race was really fun. In the first few laps Jouni and myself got hold up by Jeroen (a sentence I never thought I would say) and when we passed him, Hugo already had a 2.4 second gap or something.
Took a while to close that gap, actually right to the pitstops. Hugo came out right in front of me and somehow I thought that Jouni pitted as well so I started to battle Hugo but then realized Jouni was still driving. Stupid because that definitely gave Jouni a big advantage.
Fun battle with Hugo in the last few laps. Definitely had him but messed up corner exit and spun. Still p3 so that's ok.

Sprint race is always fun but now was over in lap 1. I think @lokitekki didn't see I was next to him and came to the right as if I was not there. He crashed and I had front wing damage. Fast corners and straights killed so much laptime that I decided to pit and just finish the race for fun. Terrible end of the evening
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Rin Hato

AOR Space Race Champion
Oct 17, 2016
This was a story of not sitting well with the car or the track or the alignment of the stars. I did not have fun at all, omg. Half the lap was terrifying me and the other half was slow ;~;

Rin Hato

AOR Space Race Champion
Oct 17, 2016
Oh and my internet probably didn't help me either, hope I wasn't too much in the way. I'd managed to predict the blinks by the end so it didn't phase me out :b

Hope I'll have it sorted out for next week though, I need to shout at my ISP a bit.
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iRacing Coordinator
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iRacing Coordinator
Jan 16, 2014
Not the greatest race night for me, although technically better than I've done so far.

Qualifying was actually not as bad as it could have been, but also not as good as I would have hoped. Just couldn't hook it together (story of the night really). I had a decent feature race to be honest, finishing about as high as I could, based on my pace, although I would have liked a top 5. A nice opening couple of laps helped elevate me to that 6th, and then the rest of the race was about trying to hold it.

The sprint race was absolutely fantastic until it wasn't. Made my way up to 3rd with some great battling which was just fantastic. But the I made a slight error at the hairpin at the end of the straight, which cost me any chance at battling for the lead and then that was dashed further when I got a slight touch from @Robert Plumley, which was unfortunate, but I put myself in that position in the first place with the mistake so I take the blame for that one. No hard feelings, it's only racing! :) Anyway, that put me in 11th where I set about trying to finish the race in the most difficult way possible, by making constant errors. Ended up finishing 11th, which isn't what I wanted at all, but it is what it is. I also hate this track so I'm glad to be done with it... Let us hope the gap between using this track is longer than what it is between this race and when we last raced it.

Onto the next one! I can see that going well, what with it being super tight and fast. Although, thinking about it, I think it'll be amazing.

Anyway, wishing everyone a happy new year, see you in 2017 for some more of the finest racing out there!


GP2 Test Driver
Dec 8, 2014
Oh and my internet probably didn't help me either, hope I wasn't too much in the way. I'd managed to predict the blinks by the end so it didn't phase me out :b

Hope I'll have it sorted out for next week though, I need to shout at my ISP a bit.
Yeah - do that - as much as I appreciate having the pleasure to follow you on track I dislike seeing you fly above my head like a dove.
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Premium Member
Premium Member
Jan 13, 2014
Q: nailed my 2 laps with beautifull spins.....p31 it was....and then the nightmare started...

R1 feature: got caught up in that beautifull t2 carnage...there were cars tried to find a gap but got stuck behind 3 cars lol...and as a bonus feature my fw was bend so car was understeering harder than my grannys scootmobile cart... Only after a million laps i could do my stop and was already 1 lap down...then i had some nice view on the battle between @Hugo and @Gunar Nijenhuis concentration was gone car was shite kept spinning...finished p19 lol...

R2 sprint: probably one of my best opening laps...overtook @Hugo and saw @lokitekki got bounced into the wall by gunar? I was already p12 or p13 when @Patrick Kessler was really slow through the final 2 corners maybe he had major damage but it caught crashed into his back sorry m8 :( pretty much race over from then minor fw damage so pace wasnt too great....after that got caught up in some battling amd damage got worse so most boring races of 2016 great to end of on this foot lets reset and hope 2017 will bring the better

Happy new years guys see you next year..

P.s. @Tye great results m8 well done with the podium!!!


4-time AOR iRacing Open Wheel Champion
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Mar 15, 2015
First race went pretty perfect from my side. Did the best i could and finished on a solid 4th position.

Second race was quite unlucky. Lap 1 turn 4 i got a nedcode collision with @Hugo sending me into the gravel and losing a lot of positions down the back straight. First i thought my car was damaged but after a few laps i was convinced that it wasn´t. So i managed to get a few positions back down to p8? i guess. But after a few laps there was a group of cars infront of me and they braked suprisingly early into turn 1 and it caught me off guard. I slammed the brakes and prayed not to crash into @Synergi . Luckly it was only a 0x but locking the front tyres was enough to send me into the barrier.

Really enjoyed these two races. Thanks everyone participating!
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