AOR Formula Renault 2.0 Championship S5 - Round 4: Interlagos |

AOR Formula Renault 2.0 Championship S5 - Round 4: Interlagos

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AOR Admin
Jan 14, 2014
Am gutted. I led 11 solid laps. Manuel was up ma arse for the final lap, and then I bottled it at Turn 1 but not braking properly, even though Manuel was prepared to sit back and have a go at Turn 4.

I was 1 lap away from glory...I'll never get that close again :(

After 100 race finishes, at least this record is gone



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Mar 15, 2015
Race 1: Car felt super good. I was confident that i could hold up with @Synergi @J-F Godin and @Kez . So when the opportunity arrieved i tried a move to pass. But unfortunatley i clipped Kristian slightly and i got into a snap oversteer
therefore i was suddenly quite slow and Kerry had no chance of avoiding me. I´m Sorry Kerry that i ruined you race by my mistake :(

Race 2: I got super lucky on lap 1. I don´t know how i managed to avoid @Jeroen de Quartel despite the 4x i had no visible damage to the car. After that i was behind Jean and i had 2 options. Trying to overtake him and probably battleing him for quite a few laps or staying patient and try to catch up to the leaders. I did the second option and we managed to get pass of quite a few people until i saw we had not enought time to catch p1 and p2 so i tried to overtake Jean. But i learned quickly it wasn´t easy so i changed my mind and my new plan was to get a better exit out of the last turn on the last lap to get him by the line but i made a small mistake and it wasn´t enough to catch him.

Rin Hato

AOR Space Race Champion
Oct 17, 2016
Why do I have the best chances on tracks I'm not good at? Off the pace at Donington and here but I get put on pole lol

Feature race was kinda boring but the sprint was great fun, even if I lost every battle I was in lmao


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Dec 22, 2016
Why do I have the best chances on tracks I'm not good at? Off the pace at Donington and here but I get put on pole lol
Interlagos is probably my worst track in terms of pace so to get a double points finish was a pretty good result as well.
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Mar 28, 2016
Before I comed on the server I was sleeping so good and it was very hard for me to get out of the bed and that 10 minutes before the qualy.

feature race:

I put my car on the 20th position of the starting grid, not the best position but it was ok. The start was very strange. On the way to turn one suddenly I had to stop the car, because there was a big collision in front. My luck was that nobody crashed into me from the back coming cars. So I carried on and won good positions in the first two laps until I lost my car into turn one. Many cars passed me and I had to start again. Then there were not much situations to talk abaut.

P15 was the end of the result.

Sprint race:

I had a good start and on the exit of turn 3 I decided to make it three wide with Plumley Left and Alexander Waldo on the right side and I passed both into turn 4. Great move I think, but if you ask Plumley it was only stupid.... Yes... it was :D
The first laps I made many mistakes and Sara and Evan drove away from the Heuer-train.
After I got my pace I got away from the train-without Heuer now- and closed the gap to Evan and the little bird in front of me.
Evan passed Sara and got a nice gap to her. I also passed her and started the hunt on Evan. I think, over 5 laps we had the same pace and I couldn´t push more. I said to myself, keep calm and the 2nd place is also very good. But than the gap to Evan melt and I comed closer and closer. The last lap began and I was hanging in the Engine of Evan, but I was to far away to start a overtake and to risk the podium. Evan had a little issue on the entry and I went by. OMG, suddenly I got nervous and Evan set me under pressure until the finish line.
What a race :D


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Feb 8, 2017
Will i sneak into the points again???

Felt good again, consistent and low incidents but need to quicken the pace now. Loosing out every week with being just too slloooooooowwww lol.

See you all next week ☺

Scott Newton

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Premium Member
Feb 26, 2017
Geez, so many tracks that I have to test/have already been testing for. Road Atlanta, Nurburgring and VIR.

Gonna have to make it a 4 course meal as I need to start Road America pretty soon.

VIR times are looking to be 1:46s or lower in Hot Clear conditions.


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Dec 22, 2016
For clarification, are we racing at the full GP circuit this week (as listed on the AOR season calendar) or w/o the arena section as per the iracing schedule?