AOR Formula Renault 2.0 Championship Season 10 - Sign Up & Info (Closed) |

AOR Formula Renault 2.0 Championship Season 10 - Sign Up & Info (Closed)

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Jan 12, 2014


Welcome to Season 10 of the AOR Formula Renault 2.0 Championship! Season 9 marked the first season of the Formula Renault championship that saw a successful title defence, this coming from Rene Osterkamp. Moving into season 10, we hit double figures for our league with the Formula Renault. Never did we imagine that we'd be able to get to a 10th season, but the community has stayed commited to this car and this league, and for that we say a huge thank you. With that said, lets make season 10 an absolute barnstormer.

Please make sure you read the info in this post, and also the driver briefing below.

General Information:

What day and time do events start? The race nights will begin every Friday from 19:20/19:30 UK time (BST), with qualifying commencing at 20:30 UK time (BST).

When will the season start? The first race of the season will run in the first week of the 2018 S3 season. The race calendar follows the official iRacing schedule. More info here.

What are the entry requirements? You will need to have a licence class of D Class 4.00 or above. You are free to sign up during pre-season regardless, but you will be denied entry upon the start of the season if you do not meet the requirement. Drivers who do meet the requirement will be given priority over you. You are also expected to be active on the forum in order to receive the latest updates. If you are completely new to the series, we will check to see if you are suitable for the league, which will be dependant on having done a sufficient amount of racing and running in the car at a reasonable pace.

How do I register as part of a team? Simply state your team preferences in this thread - the name of your team and name of the driver you're teaming up with. There will be a maximum of 2 drivers per team at any one time. Drivers can be changed but this will need to be authorised by the League Coordinators.

How many spaces are available? There will be a maximum of 36 spaces, with a reserve list (maximum of 10 at one time). If all of the spaces have been allocated, the sign-up thread will be closed until a seat has been vacated.

What happens if I'm on the reserve list? All drivers on the reserve list will be approached every week by the League Coordinators who will offer you a seat in place of an absent driver. Please keep active on the forums in order to receive these messages and accept any potential invites. Members that are inactive on the forums for two weeks will be removed from the reserve list.

Can I participate in a 'one off' race? We will not be accepting one-off 'wildcard' entries for drivers who wish to dip their toe in the water. It's recommended that you get to know the car in the official iRacing series before committing to the league. Once you sign up, you are expected to participate across all 12 race nights.

How is the Championship structured? The Championship consists of 9 race nights including a Feature Race and a Sprint Race at the same circuit, and 3 race nights with just one main race, with a separate points scoring system. A total 12 race nights overall.

Overall, there are three drop weeks permitted. There will be three drop weeks, meaning that the points score from your three worst race nights will be dropped at the completion of the season. Any bonus points scored during a drop week will still count.

Race night structure?
● 60-minute practice session
● 10-minute qualifying (maximum 3 laps allowed)
● 40-minute Feature Race (grid based on qualifying, mandatory pit-stop)
● 25-minute Sprint Race (grid reversed* based on Feature Race results)
● 60-minute practice session (Nordschleife session will be hosted 20 minutes earlier to accommodate qualifying)
● 10-minute qualifying (maximum 3 laps allowed) (30 minutes for Nordschleife)
● 60-minute Race (grid based on qualifying, mandatory pit-stop)

*Only drivers who finished in the top 20 in the Feature Race, and finish either on the lead lap or one lap down, will be part of the reversed order. Drivers who don't meet this requirement must still participate, but will start from the back in the positions they finished in the feature race.

More details can be found in the rules thread.

Are setups permitted? The Championship is open to setup modification.

What is the points system? Points are awarded to the top 20 finishers in the Feature Race, and the top 16 in the Sprint Race. In addition to the normal points structure for finishing positions, one additional point is handed out for pole position (Feature Race only), fastest lap and completing a race with 0x or 1x incidents, where 2 points will be awarded for a 0x race, and 1 point for a 1x race. The single race format has a combined points system of the feature and sprint races, although the bonus points remain the same.

Full details on points scoring can be found in the rules thread.

Are there any recommended files to download? If you wish to create your own team livery you can find the Formula Renault 2.0 template under the "Paint" section of the iRacing website. Trading Paints is recommended to upload and show off your livery on race nights as well as making the rest of the grid look suited and booted!

Will there be any coverage of the races? It is not currently confirmed whether we will be able to provide race broadcasts for this season - this will as usual most likely depend on whether it's possible to achieve sufficient donations from the drivers, and a few other things. More information to come on this.

Driver List:

Below is the list of drivers who have expressed an interest in competing in this league. You will need to further confirm your interest once the deadline passes in order to claim your space on the grid.

Priority will be given to drivers who took part in at least 8 rounds (full race nights) in Season 9, but there will be several spaces available beyond this. The priority deadline is set to Saturday 9th June at 20:00 UK time (BST).

After 8 rounds, the sign-ups will close and will no longer take any further applicants until the end of the season, regardless of spaces available.

Please make your entry in the following format:
Number preference - Name - Nationality - Team (if applicable) - Licence - Have you read and understood the rules?

For example:
#44 - Phil Reid - UK - Aperture Motorsport - B 2.97 - I have read and understood the rules

*Car #1 is reserved for the AOR FR2.0 Season 9 Champion.
Number priority will be given to last season's drivers as per the AOR Driver Number List.

33/36 spaces taken
8/10 on reserve list

1 on waiting list

#03 - Stuart Milne @smilen - UK - VRT eRACING Blue - B 2.54
#07 - David Buitelaar @David Buitelaar - France - VRT eRACING Red - B 4.48
#09 - Alistair Hay @Allyhaze - UK - VRT eRACING Red - A 2.45
#10 - Valtteri Alander @Sisuvoima10 - Finland - Glacier Racing - A 2.59
#12 - Luke Barton @lukebarton - UK - Privateer - C 2.50
#19 - Joseph Ringrose @VRT Ringrose - UK - VRT eRACING Pink - A 3.06
#23 - Manuel Heuer @heuer91 - Austria - Positive SimRacing Green - B 4.50
#27 - Sam Blackwood @t3hmightymidg3t - UK - OCM Racing - B 2.58
#28 - Patrick Kessler @Patrick Kessler - Switzerland - SimRC - A 4.99
#29 - René Osterkamp @Osterkamp - Germany - SimRC - A 4.19
#35 - Kerry Knowlden @Kez - UK - Team AOR Orange - A 3.85
#41 - Marvin Sluman @Marvin - Netherlands - Privateer - A 2.60
#42 - Josh Lad @Josh Lad - UK - Carbon Racing - B 4.70
#43 - Connor Ryan @Connor Ryan - UK - Radicals Online - A 4.60
#44 - Phil Reid @McPhilen - UK - Team AOR Orange - B 2.97
#45 - Kevin S. Turner @saKuuu - Canada - Thrive Esports - B 3.63
#49 - Josh Thompson @J.Thompson - UK - TBC - A 3.14
#66 - Lubomir Moric @Lubomir Moric - Czech Republic - Positive SimRacing Orange - A 4.99
#68 - Thomas Edwards @Tom Edwards - UK - Thrive Esports - C 2.29
#71 - Jiri Mojak @Jaskin71 - Czech Republic - Team AOR Red - A 2.74
#77 - Tom van Heumen @Tommy-Tum - Netherlands - VRT eRACING White - B 3.53
#78 - Glenn Key @GlennKey78 - Norway - Positive SimRacing Green - A 4.80
#86 - John Roberts @John Roberts - UK - BoosTED Motorsport - A 4.43
#87 - Alexey Sirotkin @alexsplanet - Russia - Positive SimRacing Orange - A 2.82
#98 - Erkka Lindström @Erkka Lindstrom - Finland - VRT eRACING White - B 4.20
#99 - Matteo Coppola Neri @MatteAce - Italy - VRT eRACING Blue - A 2.21
#147 - Evan RT Imray @Erti147 - UK - Team AOR Red - A 3.30
#177 - Sara Dove @Rin Hato - UK - MitchiriNico - C 3.81
#179 - Steffen Herrmann @Steffen Herrmann - Germany - SimRC Retro - A 3.38
#198 - Jordan Pearce @Rcfly3r1 - UK - VRT eRACING Pink - A 1.53
#350 - Charlie Summers @Charlie9000 - UK - Team AOR Blue - A 2.85
#777 - Daniel J Morris @Daniel Morris - UK - Team AOR Blue - B 4.99
#781 - Scott Newton @Scott Newton - Australia - Apex Racing UK - A 2.22

Reserve List (in order of sign up):
Drivers placed on the Reserve List must remain active on the forums to receive opportunities to race. Drivers inactive on the forums for more than 2 weeks will be automatically removed.

#37 - Dominik Gadermayr @N1kmido - Austria - Privateer - B 3.25
#74 - Thomas Andriamiharisoa @Tomspeedx30 - France - Privateer - A 3.41
#21 - Alex Sadler @CamJS2 - UK - Radicals JRT - A 3.46
#16 - Bruno Domiter @Bruno Domiter - Slovenia - Privateer - B 4.02
#8 - Mark Ussher @Mark Ussher - UK - Privateer - B 4.99
#112 - Will Daniels @WillDaniels - UK - NLR GT Omega - A 2.01
#33 - Eneric Andre @Era - France - Race Clutch - A 3.82
#54 - Gunar Nijenhuis @Gunar Nijenhuis - Netherlands - N-Racing - B 4.42

Waiting List (in order of sign up):
Drivers placed on the Waiting List are not actively eligible to race, but will be offered the chance to move up to the reserve list when any spots open, or - in the case of drivers not meeting the entry requirements - when they complete the licence promotions/performance review.

#24 - I.M Keeman @sanderschumi - Dutch - Privateer - C 2.51
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Jan 16, 2014
Hey all, so we've made a few changes again to the league. Most minor, but there are a couple of more major changes as well. More on that to come, but first off, here is the standard stuff for the coming season:

Season 10 Driver Briefing

- Signing up to the league must be done both on AOR, and on iRacing. To sign up on iRacing, follow this link and apply to be a part of the league.

- Sign-ups will as usual remain open throughout the season until capacity has been reached (36 main drivers + 10 reserves), but the sign-ups will be closed with 4 rounds remaining regardless of spaces available, to avoid newcomers potentially interfering with championship battles in the latter stages.

- Stewards will pro-actively look into any notable incidents that is caused on lap 1, regardless of whether it is brought up to the stewards or not. Incidents between just two drivers will not actively be looked at, unless the stewards deem it is happening to often, or it involves the same drivers. Any large lap 1 incident that is caused from careless/reckless driving will now be more harshly stewarded, with a minimum penalty being a pit-lane start for both races. Driving errors that lead to lap 1 incidents will be judged less severely, but only on the first offence, after that it will receive similar punishment to incidents caused via careless/reckless driving.

- Before signing up, please make sure you have read through all of the rules and regulations. Those of you who are re-signing up will/should know the rules by now so the only things to take into account will be the 'new to season 10' section below. Make sure that you follow the correct sign-up format that can be found within the main OP for the sign-up thread.

New to Season 10:

- The biggest change of the season will be the new pit-stops. Right now, the races are fuel limited, meaning that a pit-stop for fuel is required to reach the end of the race. What this means is there is a pit window in the race, which means any damage or incident that forces you to pit early outside of the window means you would have to pit a second time for fuel. For this season, in an attempt to hopefully remove this issue of people essentially having their races ruined early on, the pit-stops will now be changed to an enforced tyre change. When pitting, all drivers must change at least both rear tyres, or both front tyres. Any driver found not to have changed either both fronts or both rears will be disqualified from the race. The pit-stop must come before the last lap of the race. This obviously means that the fuel for the races will no longer need to be capped, and as such it will be on the drivers to figure out exactly how much fuel they'll need to finish the race. This will mean that all drivers can pick and choose what fuel they start with.

- We will be returning to 20 cars reversed for the sprint race, but you will still be able to be a single lap down and still be reversed.

- Like last season, there will be some longer races, however this time there will be only 3 rather than the 4 of last season.

- With this small change mentioned above, the drop weeks will work a little differently than last season. Like last season, there will be 3 drop weeks, however this time there won't be 2 for the feature/sprint races and 1 for the single races, now there will be 3 for all events.

- The sprint race incident limit has been upped to 13 incidents.

- Now, two consecutive uninformed no-shows will result in a straight removal from the league and a blacklisting, unless a genuine reason for not informing us can be given within the week of the second no-show, i.e by the next race.

- The rookie tier and tier 2 championships will no longer exist. Instead, they will be replaced with a tier 2 tier 3 system. The tiers will still work the same in terms of scoring, however the requirements to be in each tier has changed. Instead of it being an average points score in feature races over the previous season, it will now be based on best finishing positions. To be tier 1 (tier 1 doesn't actually exist, so really it's just 'above tier 2'), in feature races or the longer single race, you will have scored 2 podiums in the previous season, or 1 podium in the feature/long race and 2 podiums in the sprint races, where the sprint race podiums came after finishing the attached feature race in the top 10. To be tier 2, you will have less than 2 podiums in the last season, and have scored 2 top 10 positions in the previous season. Tier 3 will be any driver who has scored less than 2 top 10 positions in the previous season. Please note that the requirements for the tiers may change before the season starts. Drivers who have done less than 7 races in the previous season will be hand placed as best as possible.

For any regular driver that is wondering as to why there are changes happening quite often now, small or large, partly it is to shake things up and keep things fresh, but part of it is trying to find the best set of rules and regulations possible for when a potential new cars eventually comes out, which will definitely happen soon (tm).
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